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Russia extends blacklist of American citizens

18.01.2013 12:04

No longer limited to US citizens suspected of human rights abuses at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, the updated list of Americans prohibited from entering Russia now includes new categories of individuals.

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Anonymous user 21.05.2013 09:31

Put that spy on the list too. How nice of Mr. Putin to let him go. The US is laughing at Russia now.


Emily Strange 10.03.2013 08:54

R.W. Emerson II I agree with you on almost every point, almost. The Racists here hate Zionism almost more than anything else. Sad part is, I think leaving the U.S. would improve them greatly as they do care, just misguided. Marx said to play the races against one another to gain full control of the populace. America is case-en-point. We are hammered DAILY with things that tell us to mistrust this person, that person, if its new to you be afraid. Gosh, we can't even say we disagree with our president without being called a racist or worse. The American people are good people,we just have coocoos in control.

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