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Russia blasts Kosovo over national policy

01.11.2011 13:08

The provocative actions of the authorities in the North of Kosovo lead to a deterioration of the Human Rights situation, especially for Serbs and other non-Albanians, a top Russian diplomat has said.

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Matthew Whelan 06.04.2014 04:03

Its hilarious how NATO recognizes Kosovo's independence but not the people of Crimea's, because if Ukraine were to join the EU NATO expands its borders yet again, exactly why they supported Kosovo, not to mention they sucked the region dry of its natural resources by welcoming in American mining companies to eat the gold away, Kosovo is the birthplace of Serbia, and now it is sadly in the hands of Albanians.


Бојан Даковић 05.04.2014 06:33

Resolution 1244 needs to be taken into account. NATO is making mess in the Balkans. Go home uncle Sam and spread your seed of death there. I demand justice and will push for it, even if it requires my life.

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