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Ghosts of WWII haunt Russia-Latvia relations

13.05.2011 11:47

In the latest diplomatic eruption between Moscow and Riga, the Russian Foreign Ministry rejected reproaches by the Latvian foreign minister over the Russian ambassador to Latvia’s refusal to attend events held in Riga's Brothers' Cemetery on May 8.

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Norbert Sachs 17.03.2014 18:06

Hermann Cherusci 16.03.2014 23:26

Stalin ethnic cleaning of Germanic peoples is why Russians are in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, etc. they don't belong, go back to RU and increase their Slav population. putin&RU should be paying war reparations to Germanic peoples like Germany paid the jew swindlers


Thanks! I don't mind todays people of Russia, but the war crimes of the red army were not any better and have been ignored far too long! Hitler and Stalin were both criminals, no matter how much some people dislike this.

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