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Russia chides France, Spain and Portugal over Morales aircraft incident

04.07.2013 09:04

Russia has blasted the European countries which barred the Bolivian presidential aircraft from entering their airspace as unfriendly action, adding that such moves could compromise passengers’ safety.

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Anonymous user 21.07.2013 07:26

Morales, should kick out the Bolivia all the company's the Spain, Portugal, France,,

Anonymous user 18.07.2013 14:33

Im a Portuguese citizen and I'm outraged by the way government in my country is a puppet for the USA

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 20:03

The plane, so modest.

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 11:51

russia is becoming my fav country

Anonymous user 12.07.2013 22:48

Treat French, Portuguese, and Spanish-registered aircraft the same way if they come to Bolivia.

Anonymous user 11.07.2013 23:56

Putin just thinks he's bad.

Anonymous user 11.07.2013 23:55

No one's losing any sleep over Russia's chides, ain't scared either.

Anonymous user 11.07.2013 23:53

Just a matter of time for Snowden to be brought to justice. Not even China/Putin wanted him.

Anonymous user 11.07.2013 03:21

Anonymous user 09.07.2013 21:53, Russian troops are the underwater missiles near the U.S. shores.

Anonymous user 09.07.2013 22:53

Americans are having a heart attack and beyond paranoid over this lol. Watch the hand, not the mouth

Anonymous user 09.07.2013 20:43

Makes you wonder, why the US is trying so hard to catch Snowdon, maybe they are over paraniod???

Anonymous user 09.07.2013 06:31

who actually gave order to stop president morales plane?us government,obama,nsa ?


nirvichara 08.07.2013 18:21

EU just proved to be a shameful slave to US. As for France it looks every day more and more like fascist country - aggressive , nationalistic and stupid.

Anonymous user 08.07.2013 16:55

EU was playing Mussolini puppet to USG Adolf!Shameful!USG has lost its way & sight.

Anonymous user 08.07.2013 13:57


Anonymous user 08.07.2013 06:23

Minor officials in France, Spain say it was a mistake? Go to your cubicle.

Anonymous user 08.07.2013 05:39

This arrogance has rubbed off from their "chosen" cryptos in power , this behaviour is indefensible.

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