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Pedophilia not a ‘sexual orientation’ – Duma-proposed bill

26.11.2013 07:30

The Russian parliament is preparing a bill that would outlaw the classification of pedophilia as a sexual orientation and introduce punishment for propaganda of this ‘disorder’.

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Wayne Johnson 10.05.2014 21:18


I disagree. Homosexuality between to consenting adults is a private thing. There is no victim. Children do not know any better. They are victims.

This is why we must rid ourselves of the Bible as it encourages child molestation. Jesus was raised in a place and a time when child molestation was legal. It is legal under Jewish law too. Under Jewish law, a 3 year old is old enough to have sex with an adult. Jesus was Jewish. No where in the Bible does it discourage child molestation. It can only be assumed, correctly so, that the Apostles and Jesus thought it was okay too.


Mark 26.03.2014 15:28

Homosexuality and paedophilia are one and the same thing. Some men (and women) refuse to exercise any self control and will do it with animals, inanimate objects, the spouses of others, their own siblings, children, and with others like themselves. They then point to the fact that some of the people/animals/objec ts they relieve themselves with are of their own sex, and claim that they deserve to be left to their destructive activities.


Che Buraška 18.03.2014 21:47

Isa 09.03.2014 12:22

God bless Russia for protecting its innocents.


In nocent childrens have to be protected but pedophiles who do not harm anybody have not to be punished as like homosexuals as well. Nobody has elected his/her sexual orientation by will and shall not be punished for that. I agree that propaganda of such abnormalities shall be prohibited but not the orientation as such.


Brad Grace 10.03.2014 22:39

Marcus N 23.02.2014 03:00

classifying pederasty ("pedophilia&am p;amp;qu ot;) as a perverted crime and not a "lifestyle" ; ; makes one a "Theocrat" ? Does that make you a CHOMO for suggesting that? Or are you being sarcastic?


My comment applied to a different article. The article was modified. My comment to the article as it is now.

"Duh. "

Howe ver if/when people conflate homosexuality and pedophilia, they are usually coming from a close-minded "christian" ; philosophy. So my original statement still applies. And if you need to know, I'm only attracted to adult females myself.


Isa 09.03.2014 12:22

God bless Russia for protecting its innocents.


South African Guy 04.03.2014 17:35

The justification of pedophilia is part of the system which is currently destroying traditional values all over the Western World. Death to pedophiles. death to them all!


Brad Grace 04.02.2014 22:36

Duh. Enjoy your Theocracy Russia.


Graham Beencke 03.02.2014 04:45

It is a criminal offence and should be treated as such; to claim it as a mental disorder or sexual preference is absolutely ridiculous. This hideous act destroys the life of the victim and family members with the end result being that the child often becomes withdrawn and at the same time violent.


Tehachapi Gal 07.01.2014 09:36

robo T, maybe you need to be gang molested to feel torture or more aptly to be forced to watch your children get molested. You would feel the same torture that your children would feel. Having an adult member shoved in a back end is torture. Some victims are only 1 year old. The sheer fear a child feels in the course of molestation is torture. Perhaps we should televise a live act of pedophilia to judge it individually. My guess is that we would hunt down the molestor afterward.


Aleksey Shmeliov 29.12.2013 07:45

I believe that US problem and advantage is that it has no leader because president has very little real power.

Lee Schuler 27.11.2013 15:32

Russia seems to be watching and learning from the US. The things that are dragging the US down into the dregs of immorality are quickly being addressed by them to prevent it happening there.
That is the difference between having a true LEADER who loves his country and his people and having one who is incompetent, unreliable and dishonest.



Aleksey Shmeliov 29.12.2013 07:24

I cannot comment on Talmud, simply because I never read it. However before Hitler came to power, Berlin indeed was frivolous city...

I suspect that similar pendulum effect might soon happen in Europe. The current state of decadence will quickly be replaced with strict puritan laws.

[quot e name='paschn' time='02.12.2013 13:58']To my knowledge, the only "holy" book with pro-perversion leanings is the Talmud. Before Hitler came to power and cleaned up Germany, the Bolshevik Jews had debased that country to the point that Berlin was given the dubious title of the most depraved city in Europe.[/quote]


Michael 27.12.2013 23:02

Freeda 27.12.2013 05:47

Maria Maksakova, Russian MP And Opera Star, Speaks Out

Too bad your media is not free and you don't know about this.


What are you talking about, that is on the front page of the Russian Politics section. Go ahead and keep bragging about your free media, I am sure your NSA observer will be amused by it.

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