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Russia introduces lie-detector tests for police applicants

11.02.2013 10:24

Following a string of scandals, the interior minister has ordered that anyone who wants to join the police in Russia should undergo a polygraph test for illegal drug use.

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Viva Che 31.01.2014 06:33

Problem is that the polygraphs arent reliable according to the international psychologists today. I thought the polygrph was opnly something the US used and some African nations.

Medical / chemical screening is a better option for finding drug and alchohol subtances.

The only way to get policeofficers from stealing / planting stuff is better screening when employing and better training in civil rights along with good internal affaris investigators that doenst fear investigating crooked cops.

Its same problem allover the World today it seems. Good Putin does somethign about it.


CJ Moss 14.04.2013 14:28

I have faith in Putin to bring it under controll. In Russia it is nos as bad as in South Africa. I drove 14.000 km trough Russia,was stopped sometimes and met the most decent friendly cops from the world. I agree comepletely with polographic tests.

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