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Russian senators condemn Ukrainian protests, warn of dire consequences

29.01.2014 11:13

The Russian Federation Council has hit out at the riots in Kiev, saying they have nothing to do with peaceful protest, and that the attacks were approved by Ukrainian opposition leaders.

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AK 25.08.2014 22:08

"The Russian Federation Council has hit out at the riots in Kiev, saying they have nothing to do with peaceful protest, and that the attacks were approved by Ukrainian opposition leaders."

And, for the USA, the exeptional nation, the protestors in Ferguson are violent thugs to be shut and killed. It is a well know conduct of Anglo to step on someone's toe and tell them loud not to raise voice.


Chris Murphy 17.03.2014 17:29

we cant keep invading contra's and then tell other not to do it


Georgy Prodorov 27.02.2014 04:32

Putin won in Sochi but LOST IN KIEV!


Gabriel Acobian 26.02.2014 02:43

It's too late crying over spilt milk; Mr. Yanukovych made too many mistakes; make sure to save the rest of Ukraine


Andrew Jennings 21.02.2014 08:01

It will only...“have grave consequences for the country’s people, statehood and territorial integrity"...

if Putin takes his shirt off and starts pounding his chest...sends his tanks and his troops in.

Like Chechnya.

Like Georgia.

So rry Russia. No gold medal victory here with Ukraine I'm afraid

poka poka


Kircho Dkg 19.02.2014 14:46

All the handiwork USA!


Alex 03.02.2014 21:21

Matt Bowden 03.02.2014 17:17

Spl itting Ukraine does seem like a workable idea.


It is not a workable idea from your point of view. But from the point of view of majority of people on East and South (Crimea/Sevastopol where a Russian Navy was founded by Peter The Great) this is a workable idea. For centuries East and South of Ukraine were Russian. May be you should go there and ask people what they really think instead of relying on violent movements of bunch of extremists or neo-Nazis (Western Ukrainians) supported by Western politicians.


Milan Bilek 03.02.2014 07:35

To all the Ukrainian's it may concern! And it sould be about all of them! If you let US in to the country with any miltary gear! You will probably, at least could be,responsible for a big war! And You can forget to have access to the US command posts for the US do not allow anyone from outside their own ranks access to them anywhere else!


suricaten 03.02.2014 07:28

Let us hope that the domestic situation and their less and less present wanted anywhere, will kick in soon! Get your killing equipment out of Europe, and go home!


Milan Bilek 03.02.2014 07:23

Dobri den! I just read that the opposition "So called "! Have asked the EU and The US to fund them in forming a new government! But such a government will not be neither democratic nor legal! It is sickening to hear how biased and unfair the Western countries can be! I could have said the US, for short! Because the US is out in their usual bussiness, to Topple governments that oppose them! You or the so called "terrorist opposition" have no right whatsoever, to deside who should govern, just because you dont like their point of view! But we know that it's Russia's borders the US is drooling to get even closer to!


Milan Bilek 01.02.2014 21:56

Just listen to the opinions of spokesmen from the Ukrainian Armed Forces! They do not want a divided country! And bylistening to their point of view, they are ready and willing to support its current Government! Let them reinstall law and Order in their country! Because as I heard them they seemed willing and eager to do so! This ends in a civil war, if some serious action isn't taken soon! This clearly shows my earlier claims, that the US, uses the EU, because they even have treathened some EU countries to spend more money on the defence budgets! Even if the healthcare and socialservices, had to suffer!


Denyse Pez 01.02.2014 18:24

We have all seen this movie before and all one has to do is look at Syria to see the outcome of this well oiled plan of the west.


BNTO 01.02.2014 09:22

Finally words of wisdom from russians senators...indeed ukraina must be partioned to end this attempts by west ukrainian faschist to cause bloodbath between brotherly people of ukraine...let draw malorussians borders (little russia ) and end this problem for ever.

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