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Russian region completely bans foreign adoptions

25.09.2013 07:33

The legislature of the coal-mining territory of Kemerovo has voted to completely outlaw adoptions of local children by foreigners, making their region the first subject of the Russian Federation to introduce such a radical measure.

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fox bravo 17.06.2014 13:16

well done Yelena, may you and your adopted baby have a long and happy peaceful life under the protection of Mother Russia. Everything that is being done to block the evil Yankees is good. Everything that is being done to protect these most vunerable youg Russians is good. Time to rollup many of thes "foreign" NGOs who make a very good front for the CIA/DIA/NSA spying. But I am certain Mr.Putin the Duma and the SBS/(KGB)is onto them. Long live Mother Russia!


amber b 04.04.2014 09:33

It's ridiculous to believe that Russian orphans would be better off in their orphanages than to be adopted by an american couple. Your orphans live in deplorable conditions and deserve better than that. As a matter of fact I say it's child abuse.


Kay Emery 14.12.2013 06:21

I just wish people who post comments would do it with a little class and sensitivity. What is put out there is out there for the world to read, and this is how we are portraying America--a land, by the way, that I love.


Dawn 09.12.2013 21:22

Ken 29.09.2013 07:28

Russia is trying to protect their children from sexual degenerates while the US seems intent on destroying their youth. Funny how things have turned. Russia doing the right things, America flushing itself down the toilet. The disgusting thing for me is that people are angry at Russia for trying to do to help their children. Sick.


I agree. America's schools, hospitals, government, and economy are a mess. People have disregarded God and morality in the USA. I hope that other communities in Russia will guard and protect their children too.


Rafasa Arandas 07.12.2013 12:11



Rafasa Arandas 07.12.2013 12:10



Mihail able 09.11.2013 14:32

16 months!!!!! for the murder of a Russian child
it is necessary to declare war but to talk not about the continuation of international adoption


Mihail able 09.11.2013 14:27

8-year-old Vanya Skorobogotov died in the United States. Foster parents killed the boy. If they kill a dog, they would receive adequate punishment. But two American moron killed Russian child. They received 16 months in prison. 16 months!!!!!


Olga Fedorova 05.10.2013 15:57

Know myself so many happy families with Russian children here in USA. I am Russian and understand in some point Russian side of the story - but this is too MUCH. Also, many times how sound could be wrong - same sex parents are better in many ways. Many because they are trying harder to be a good parent? Thanks.


Rt Bellend 01.10.2013 11:10

[quote name='Ina' time='27.09.2013 16:16']

Its true what Ina says and also that American families adopt Russian children so they can eat them at Thanks Giving, that what I was told by a man in the pub who says he was a reporter for RT.


jamaal said 29.09.2013 23:20

I would not let my child to be adopted by strangers,
why they should not help the needy and poor families
instead of separating a child from his family because of their poorness.


Max Medv 29.09.2013 21:18

Sean Strongman 27.09.2013 08:17

One russia orphan died in usa at the same time 10orphans died at russia


St upid comment. Yeah, believe or not, most of russian orphans die in Russia, because it's their homeland. x0000 healthy russian orphans living in US compared to x00000 orphans with different health problems living in Russia, who at some point have less chance to be adopted event by Russian families.


Rafael Silva 29.09.2013 15:01

I'm not understanding, is an American fetice adopt a baby, child Russian.
Because Americans do not adopt Latino children, if it is to help the world's poor countries full.


Ken 29.09.2013 07:28

Russia is trying to protect their children from sexual degenerates while the US seems intent on destroying their youth. Funny how things have turned. Russia doing the right things, America flushing itself down the toilet. The disgusting thing for me is that people are angry at Russia for trying to do to help their children. Sick.


slava 28.09.2013 20:54

This bill must be stopped! I was adopted in St. Petersburg by an American family. And these kids should not be punish because the U.S.A past some stupid bill. Now I want to go back to Russia to help the people and live there. If I was not adopted by my family how are Americans I would be in a orphanage right now have little to eat maybe be on the streets stealing things. Hear I have a good please to sleep, good food, friends, clothing, and good health care. They should be adopted by any one. They should not be punish because the US past a stupid bill. these chilren should have a chance to live a good life.


John Adam 28.09.2013 11:36

The editor of this news item,described the decision as"Radical" ; no it is not.
It is a very normal,wise,and patriotic decision.
Russia needs her citizens,the malicious adoptions are nothing but day light robberies of Russia's greatest assets.
The legislation should have included a governemet subsidy to Russian families who adopt these kids.
You need 2.2 births per woman to sustain a population.
Russ ian birth rate is already below that.
Stealing these children under the disguise of adoption,compounds the problem of low birth rate.
The ban should be nation wide forthwith.


slava 27.09.2013 22:50

Poor children. They have to be in orphanage, were they will get little medial help, education and poor food quietly. I was born in the Russian federation at side of ST. Petersburg’s and was adopted by an American family and life is good here, I rather be adopted and have an chance to live with an loving family instead of an orphanage.


Ina 27.09.2013 16:16

US adopting Russian children for the purpose to use them against Russia in future war, for intelligence purposes and present Russia a failed state that can not look after their children.
USA will use these kids in the same manner as they used Mexican children in the war at Afghanistan, Iraq etc etc. After serving in US army in foreign countries, all of them been killed in friendly fire or killed other way to keep secret war crimes.


Morningside 27.09.2013 14:36

The problem adopting and gay people. And the world reacting to the age restriction Russia put on them. The Dutch have problems with that. A high civil servant with rumors about minors, boys, are investigated. Now. After the move of Russia. To put age as first defense for children. For the Gay to.

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