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Leading Russian rights activists stand Obama up

04.09.2013 12:55

The heads of Russia’s oldest human rights groups have said they decided not to attend the meeting with the US president after it was rescheduled several times.

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Pamela Smith 18.09.2013 19:52

The Russians should not feel bad about missing an appointment with Obama. You aren't missing much! The man cannot think for himself, and all of America knows it!


Thomas Carroll Jr. 09.09.2013 05:18

Anna Liddell 06.09.2013 17:45

The meeting itself was indeed inappropriate because it would be interferring in the domestic affairs of another country. We do, I admit have to get away from Cold War mentality. Sure, in many ways Russia is still a harsh country that violates human rights, but it isn't even close to how it was in the days of the Soviet Union. It has reached a level where its up to the Russian people to sort out by themselves. We must stop considering Russia our enemy but instead treat them as an adversary.


Anna, are you Russian?


Thomas Carroll Jr. 09.09.2013 01:53

Oh, I do not think they stood him up at all, they just were all in jail and in prison in Moscow, and could not get out to see him.


Linda 06.09.2013 17:34

All of you don't seem to realize who starts these wars. It is the elite that does it, they start the wars and they make the money on them. We are the slaves and do their bidding. Wake up everyone, don't you know what is going on? The New World Order is taking over and you sit here and write your hatefulness to each other and don't have a clue, while our people starve and our men and women die in these wars. This has got to end, and not by killing each other off, for that is what they want. We need to go after them, the big banks, the Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers and Bilderbergers.


FREEDOM 06.09.2013 02:28

so some arab countrys are paying the bills if us decides to
attack syr,(was said by john kerry) so if it/s real,then the us
is really brock & r looking for work,who knows the reality
it could be ,then the times have really changed ,who knows the us could also make


Steve J 05.09.2013 21:44

America was built on hidden war, and outright war. More and more it is what happens with capitalism greed to dominate, especially when hard times and no profits. Marx was right. America is in decline.


Hugh Glass 05.09.2013 21:17

I think Russki HR and GLTB advocates should give dumbo a break. "Bottom" bama ain't been right since his well endowed"Top&quo t; ,Reggie Love left him for a younger man.


Charles 05.09.2013 17:47

"All you human rights mo-fu's been sayin' bad things bout me. Y'all jes doin dat cuz I's black -- well kinda black, anyhow. Well, I loves my fella man, especially de white folks. Y"all jes check out "Man's Country" bathhouse on the internet t'fine out jes how much I loves dose white men..." Signed, "Da Big Bamster"


AmericanX 05.09.2013 16:59

stan2013 05.09.2013 00:04

AmericanX 14:44...Maybe the President wouldn't have so much on his plate, if he kept his nose out ---.


This really p1sses me off!

You love your wide roads, your cheap cars, fast food and Walt Disney, always boast about NASA; but don't seem to understand why you have so much and others have nothing!
One word One vowel Three letters

W A R !!


Anthony David 05.09.2013 16:36

So.. has the U.S administration to place pressure back on Russia for its defense of consciousness unfolding and taking into the form of adult and future ideas/creations.

Will again be under renewed attack by the U.S? As the real organizations which stand for the total societies needs/requirements have been again nerfed. This time by Scheduling errors.

It seems like the U.S administration or "leaders" enjoys painting pictures and allowing the picture to sell the truth. Vs the reality of causality and the proof of pain and suffering they again rely on media and propagandize to deliver the "Right" picture.


Timothy 05.09.2013 00:41

That's how the Obomber regime does everything.
Espe cially foreign policy.

"Yes we can('t), (no) hope and (no) change".

Except the daily changing Presidential sound byte.

" ;Wasn't MY red line" "narrow targeted action"
What a clown : (


Gerry Hiles 04.09.2013 19:25

[quote name='AmericanX' time='04.09.2013 14:44']Lady, the President is a busy man.

[/quot e]

Not too busy to not play numerous rounds of golf and take several holidays, perhaps even more the part-time president Dubya, who also idly launched wars as casually as Obomber does.


Cygnus 04.09.2013 18:09

TT, there are certain truths one cannot escape: death, taxes, age etc. We all age. At 86 I would definitely do other things... Is there a lack of younger, good human rights activists in Russia? Should they not have compassion on this lady and let her enjoy her senior years quietly? But hey, if she is willing & able to go on & people acknowledge her as a leader, may heavens bless her! Let people do whatever they want as long as they do not impede on other people’s rights. Your quote shows me you are still in the good vs. evil paradigm. Balance is the key. Different circumstances call for various approaches. Cheers.


Cygnus 04.09.2013 16:50

Boy, she's really old, is she not? Hypothetically, at her age I would take it easy for a while and enjoy life as little as I could rather than fight in political agendas that have no end in sight.


dan 04.09.2013 15:44

obama wasnt "elected" he was bought and paid for. we used to have elections but now we have hollywood and corporations buying politicains. don't fall for all the gay "right" propaganda. they've always had rights ever since the constitution was signed off. it's all about destroying Christianity and forcing their immorality into our lives.


Assid Rashid 04.09.2013 14:59

Amazing that Obama cannot in his own country, where he has been elected by 'the people', sort out the gun issue......when did the world vote for Obama has the 'secret' head of the UN ???


AmericanX 04.09.2013 14:44

Lady, the President is a busy man.


Assid Rashid 04.09.2013 14:43

Is it me??? What is the UN for?

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