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Russia's Pirate Party bans govt officials from new hosting site

04.02.2013 10:45

Activists from Russia's unregistered Pirate Party said their new hosting site will block visitors from IP addresses belonging to government agencies and other state bodies, and vowed to create a “blacklist” of persons known for pro-copyright stances.

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Neel Gupta 12.08.2013 13:08

JJ (The Mad Mullah) (unregistered) 04.02.2013 14:29

ey want to rule Russia again like they did throu


There are three parties to this conflict:

C APITALIST - wants to sell information for profit, in the form of books, movies, etc.
COMMUNIST - wants to regulate & control the flow of information, through censorship
ANARC HIST - wants to give information for free, through the Internet.

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