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How the Russian soul can save the American Empire

25.06.2010 08:11

Due to its unshakeable commitment to materialism and individualism, Americans now find themselves passengers on a spiritual shipwreck that perhaps only the Russian soul can salvage.

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MrBanausos 09.04.2014 11:39

I'm going to call bologna on the "lack of violence" in Russia. The Russian mafia kills people all the time and there is a horrific sex slave trade in Russia. Its prevalent in most countries even in the United States. The re localizing of agricultural goods is a good idea. many Americans would be employed. The lack of progress in America's educational system is because America wont acknowledge stupidity and American parents are ashamed to have a stupid child despite the necessity of human labor. The high number of prisoners in America is entirely due to the fact that minorities do not have a class system


Olga M 15.09.2013 23:20

You start out by talking about violence in the USA, then say that violence in Russia is extremely rare, when in fact, you beat and murder your own people every single day. 36,000 women are beaten in Russia every day. More than 9,000 women are murdered every year by their intimate partners. Your police officers rape thousands of girls and women every year, and you're actually that ignorant to say violence is rare in your country???!!! Open your eyes to the horrors you allow to happen in your own country before you give advice to others. Shame on you for being such an idiot.

Anonymous user 22.04.2013 19:33

1st post is live testament to article message

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