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Sochi mayor says there are 'no gay people' living in the city

27.01.2014 08:31

The head of the Russian Olympic city has told reporters that there are no gays in Sochi, justifying this ‘fact’ by the customs and habits that exist in the vicinity of the Caucasus Mountains.

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Philip Bair 26.03.2014 14:05

Given that God can not lie, and furthermore that he gives everyone the necessary grace to work out his salvation, I would surmise there are relatively few homosexual individuals anywhere, despite what popular media polls might suggest. Rather, I think, these polls show the effect of LGBT propaganda and lack of proper catechesis on those populations.
In the West, since Vat. II, proper catechisms have disappeared. The governments have continually increased a divorce from God and toward secularism.
Russ ia is on the right course. Sadly, America and the West is not.


Brad Grace 30.01.2014 15:50

Pull your head out Russia.


Alisher Khaydarov 29.01.2014 18:12

He is right that Sochi does not have g.a.y.s as well corruptions. They do have traditions to not speak up true till oldest will allowed them.


God scock 29.01.2014 02:37

stick it to them Vlad! - The (gaijoo) Impaler!
we're right behind you - no pun intended haaha!


Marie 29.01.2014 01:04

In the Bible Sodom and Gomorrah was burned up completely with nothing left but a stinking, dead hole (something like what is left after homos have sex). If God does not equally destroy the USA as they persist in following Hillary Clinton after her gay-pride tour around the world (which is all she accomplished as Secretary of State) .... then God will have to apologize to the Twenty-first Century Sodomites.


elmo36 28.01.2014 17:51

Wow, if Russia becomes and more anti-gays people will start to think the mother land is actually trying to hide behind it being the Homo land!


Donna Marie 28.01.2014 12:47

Alex 28.01.2014 09:22 , Who is they ? First, it is a fact that there are huge signs of corruptions in more then one of the contracts . I am sorry no one is jealous
You are living in total denial . No one wakes up and says hey I think I will be gay today . They just are what they are . It isn't something you can catch and they are everywhere .Satanic Culture I guess Russia is giving up drinking and couples living together and sex before marriage . Don't forget the prostitutes and the drug problems that Russia has a long with many other countries . And your biggest problem is gays ?


becquerrelle 28.01.2014 09:34

In the Documentary Film *Absolut Warhol* his Family and Neighbors Swore Up and Down he wasn't really Gay and said that if he came back to Ruthenia for a Visit the Aunts said they would be sure to get him Married Off

I do like the Attitude Presented that the LGBTs Represent a Foreign Community (or Alien)

Reve aled during the Recent Kobragade Dust-Up is the Fact that there are Numerous LGBT Living Together at the US Embassy


DS 28.01.2014 09:29

Can we all agree that Sochi will have the smoothest roads in all Russia for one year anyway.


Foreign Agent 28.01.2014 09:25

In Sochi there are no gays, and there is no corruption
and there are no terrorist. Is Sochi the Russian variant of Disneyland?


Dan Nemrodov 28.01.2014 09:17

Just when I started to worry about the games becoming too gay friendly.


Donna Marie 28.01.2014 08:40

I can see why they put 58 Billion Dollars. With huge amounts of corruption allegations . Then it is smack in the middle of a area where a terrorist war is going on. With millions of upset Muslims that claim it is on top of Muslims graves . Yep I can see this being a HUGE tourist spot . Is the military going to stay there year round ?

No one advertises being gay they just are . Next they will be telling us they gave them the gay blood test lol


David 28.01.2014 07:08

The promotion of the gay lifestyle in the US may cause conservatives to gravitate towards a society they feel best represent their beliefs. I applaud Putin for not promoting alternative lifestyles which are not in line with their traditional values. I do not have a problem with a persons sexual persuasion. I just feel that it is not something that needs to be advertised and promoted by the media.


Enrique 28.01.2014 03:19

Putin said clearly in the interview that it is just a demographic question. Given the state of Russian demography, the Government doesn´t care if people is homosexual or not (that is their private business) as far as far as they have babies with women (that is the public business)

Just note what happens in many Muslim countries, where homosexual relationship is common (men making love to other men) but officially doesn´t exist as it is forbidden, and Arab men have lots of children with Arab women.


Freaky 28.01.2014 03:15


Ex actly that is why they have to do. I read the papers many time and it is the media that put Putins words in the wrong frase.
They only wanna create distortion.
Puti n is a great leader and man with a vision.
The west has no right to show Russia what is right or wrong.
Majority of Russians do not like homo's so you have to respect that.
35 Years ago homo's where also not tolerated in the West. And even in the VS they are discriminated.


George Rizk 28.01.2014 00:04

In America, homos are about 1 or 2% of the population. Out of that small minority, the in your face activists are about 5% of the 2%? Now you get how insignificant in number the loud mouth are? Except, they are in position of power all throughout.


George Rizk 27.01.2014 23:59

Perhaps the mayor of Sochi is correct so far, but, when the American team comes in, they will have many homos


Dot 27.01.2014 23:19

The fact they've never had any missing children should be pretty good evidence that homos don't live there.


Freesaxon 27.01.2014 20:53

Russia watch out our ? bent media over here in Britain is WAITING for verbal slip ups !

`Our'? media LIVES for these sorts of issues and little else

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