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Space militarization: Coming to a galaxy near you

10.12.2012 11:23

The United States is moving toward the militarization of space and this will change the face of war in the near future, an academician with the Russian Academy of Engineering Sciences has warned.

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Anonymous user 08.06.2013 09:58

Harley DeClue, your pro american rhetoric, see through as ever. You boys can't afford this either.

Anonymous user 20.03.2013 04:23

ed/unregistered/ jou are an idiot. I bet u was educated in the west, so it spiks for itselve,


Harley DeClue 12.03.2013 22:18

(Part 2)During this time they will call in our probably around $2T debt. We will simply say no which ill cause them t strike us first which will allow us to begin an ALLOUT war. We will decimate China. All this will probably start WW3 in the process. And though tactical nukes maybe used in warfare, remember no country is going to full-out nuke the other when they start losing. Think about it, as a leader of a country I'd much rather accept losing terms than be completely and utterly annihilated .


Harley DeClue 12.03.2013 22:18

Losers? I'm pretty sure we won the Cold War and the Space Race. Russians are just mad we're beating them again. I think they are worried because we beat them t a military race and a space race, and now we're going to beat them at a militarized space race. Haha. And as far as China... We're gonna make them spend more and more on their military until they have complete civil unrest from miscare of the prosperous people and then go bankrupt from competing in an arms race with America and India.

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