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Communists want Stalingrad back on Russian map

09.11.2012 14:18

The Russian Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov has demanded that the city of Volgograd is returned to its Soviet name Stalingrad (the city of Joseph Stalin), to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the bloodiest battle in the WWII.

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Berke Beenhouwer 09.06.2014 11:22

It is true that the USSR saved Europe from the Nazis. BUT.... We must not forget that Stalin was by all means a cruel dictator who killed thousands of innocent Russians that countered him or disagreed with him in any way as well. Therefore, changing Volgograd back to Stalingrad is not to be considered. After all, Russia now stands for truth and glasnost. Not exactly what Stalin had in mind. By the way, I'm european and, like a vast part of the EU population, I too believe Mr. Putin is doing the right things regarding foreign politics. Greetings Russia.


Dine Malmsten 16.03.2014 21:50

In Paris Thea have "Stalingrad " Wy not in Russia?


Armando Rivera-Carretero 24.01.2014 23:03

Let us also acknowledge and remember, that the USSR managed to turn the tide in its war against Nazi Germany, during the 9 month battle of Stalingrad, way before US and UK's assistance started coming in in appreciable quantities. At this point the fate of the war had already been decided.

Th e USSR and its Peoples did it all by themselves. Thank you USSR.


Armando Rivera-Carretero 24.01.2014 22:59

The contributions of the peoples of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany are almost impossible to assess. At least 25% of the population killed, millions of peopled crippled both mentally and physically, most of European USSR totally devastated. I do not have the space to go deeply into this catastrophe, but rest assured, the world owes the peoples of the USSR a huge debt of gratitude and acknowledgement, an acknowledgment which we often deny.

Thank you USSR.

Anonymous user 27.03.2013 23:25

fatter des kleines folks father of HOLODOMOR with his friend Kaganovitch REAL " hereos " of the ...

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