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Vatican rejects “chosen people” claim, calls on Israel to end “occupation”

25.10.2010 12:31

A high-ranking Israeli official on Sunday slammed a statement from Catholic bishops, who called for international organizations to lead the cause of Palestinian statehood.

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Eva Deutsch Costabel 21.04.2014 03:09

Vatican has a very poor record concerning the Jewish people and Israel. The Vatican could have saved many Jews during the Holocaust in their catacombs, but failed to do so, instead collaborated with the Nazis. So it comes to no surprise that they against the Jews once again. Infect the Vatican helped hid Nazis on the end of the war to escape using Jewish money the stole from us. Not a pretty picture! I never care what my enemies think of me, why do Jews care, it is absurd.The Italian people though saved many Jews by hiding them.


Alex Rad 21.04.2014 01:11

Occupation is real. Why is it used in quotation marks?

The problem is religious sequencing implied in "Jewish, Christian, Muslim." Jews today have nothing to do with Jews 2000 years ago, since eastern European and Spanish Jews were converts in later centuries. The ridiculous notion "chosen people" applied to "Israelites,&qu ot; as part of religious tradition. Priests, rabbis, sheikhs stuck in this thinking make their followers fall into the traps of unhistorical claims. Sure, present Jews exploit biblical traditions to justify, but so did Puritans in what became the US and other colonial projects, using biblical stories.


Prophecy Watcher 18.04.2014 02:42

The Almighty doesn't need this little man's permission to give Israel to the Jews.


Sean Emerson 17.04.2014 17:53

As a Catholic, I find the statement that the promise to the Jewish people was nullified by Christ to be reprehensible. God does not make his covenant conditional, and any student of the old testament knows the deep significance of birthright in the Judeo-Christian tradition. God's covenant with Abraham and his descendents still stands, and will be vindicated in the final struggle according to the prophets. Bustros proves that you can be a bishop and still be a fool.


Daniel Paul K 17.04.2014 11:37

Christians are eating the bread of Israel. Word of God is given to Israel and that word is the bread. Now the Christians have lifted their heel against Israel and the prophecy in Bible " 'He who shares my bread has lifted up his heel against me.' has been fulfilled upon the wicked Christians who have tried to annihilate Jews either by baptism or death.


Julien Mondragon 17.04.2014 09:35

It is heavily promoted to talk of the imposed by force state of israel and jewish people in general as the land and people of God, respectively, or the chosen people.

Biblically speaking weren't there conditions and criteria to be fulfilled to be considered people of God in the Old Covenant, just as in the New Covenant?

N obody is a defacto people of God by race or ethnicity. Lets stopped being deceived and unreasonable! And support justice!


Julien Mondragon 17.04.2014 09:34

The chosen people is the church; God is not racists!

Besides, is there such a thing as a pure jewish race? What makes somebody a jew? Race? Ethnicity? Culture? Tradition? Most so called jews don't have hebrew names and are all mixed. Many don't follow judaism.


Bro Stef 15.04.2014 20:45

Even though I know scripture teaches this will happen, the whole world will be against Israel, it still takes your breath away when you see it so blatantly. Oh my...


Rafael Sanchez 15.04.2014 19:35

how incredible it is to see men who profess to know G-d deny his revealed will. what Bible do these people read? where in the New Testament do you find Jesus annulling the covenant G-d made with Israel the nation. when did the Jews cease to be the G-d's Chosen People.


Larry Waitsman 15.04.2014 16:50

If they didn't take that position, how and where would all those Priest get to take their little boys without getting into trouble.


Chris Saenz 14.04.2014 04:21

I don't get it why how any YAHUWDIAN Rabbi can sit in the same room with any Catholic Murder


Neil Bridgewater 13.04.2014 09:38

Mind experiment.
What would happen to the Holy Land if it was discovered today.

The tribes of Abraham would be fighting over it because of its resources. The winner would be declared God's chosen People, 2k years latter they would be blinded for their eye for an eye theosophy.

The reconciling Catholics will become God's new chosen people. The Miracle of reconciling with the unreconcilable is a double edge sword when it comes to the churchs love for sinners and the unrepentant poofters that cheat psychometric testing and their absolute 51% pedophile corruption.

The truth will set u free.


David C. Tiedeman 11.04.2014 11:11

The faults prophet that will give power to the beast is coming out of the closet.


Chris Harrison 10.04.2014 18:58

I am so tired of people using r-e-l-i-g-i-o-n as a basis to k-i-l-l people. I have yet to hear voices from Yahwey in my head or have anything happen thanks to prayer.

I no longer believe in organized r-e-l-i-g-i-o-n, I am a deist, I started reading the bible, I had no choice but to come to this conclusion. The amount of in-sanity in there was just too much.

I have no offensive language in my post but yet I am having a hard time posting.


Scott Kuli 10.04.2014 17:29

Who cares what the Vatican people think of anything? This is the organization that has more than 2 Trillion in assets and whose titular head tells the wealthy countries of the world to help the poor countries when his is per capita by far the wealthiest.

Speaking of which, some years back there was talk of possibly finding the "loot of Lima".

It consists of gold stolen from native South Americans who were forced to work for the Spanish as slaves.

The "church" in Lima says they have a right to it.


Per Bondesen 09.04.2014 10:57

"G-D is incapable of breaking his promise to Israel, as he does not lie. Having one parent who is Catholic & one who is a Jew I am qualified to say once again Shame on the catholic Church. G-d is the only Holy Father not Pope Pedophile."

Glenny, you have rightly judged that God is incapable of lying. Only He knows why the people claiming to be His chosen ones celebrate lying in Kol Nidre. If you read the Torah and not just the Talmud you know that God is God of all, not just the Jews. The unusial pedophilia sickenss is celebrated in the Talmud and is normally a sign of Jewish infiltration in Church and politics.


Natasha 09.04.2014 07:59

Glenny Mercury Lpn 09.04.2014 05:04

G-D is incapable of breaking his promise to Israel, as he does not lie. Having one parent who is Catholic & one who is a Jew I am qualified to say once again Shame on the catholic Church. G-d is the only Holy Father not Pope Pedophile.


Perhaps he studied Talmud too much, where pedophilia is sanctioned many times. And as Talmud says, even Jehova is reading Talmud in standing position - out of respect for that bunch of inanities.


Jason Vega 09.04.2014 07:27

somebody pinch me I must be dreaming. my Hegelian dialectic is coming true. the common source of our chaos problem is solving itself.. aww.

albert pike and Kissinger both bet on the same story but pike said with Zionism so goes Christianity,

the Vatican bishops just voted to excuse themselves from telling about abused children, how convenient. Holy boy lover vicar of Christ on earth batman!


Glenny Mercury Lpn 09.04.2014 05:04

G-D is incapable of breaking his promise to Israel, as he does not lie. Having one parent who is Catholic & one who is a Jew I am qualified to say once again Shame on the catholic Church. G-d is the only Holy Father not Pope Pedophile.

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