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‘Progress’ in Haiti, a cruel joke?

13.01.2011 00:30

­One year ago today a devastating earthquake hit Haiti. Find out what, if any, progress has been made and how the US has been involved. And we'll get some perspective on the US involvement in the country with Mark Weisbrot from the Center for Economic and Policy research. Then, new developments in the Tucson shooting reveal that shooter Jared Loughner has a history of mental illness. Political satirist Harry Shearer weighs in on the current state of mental health care in the US and why so many people are going untreated. Next, efforts to integrate students in a North Carolina School District have been overturned thanks to efforts by the local Tea Party. Is this proof that segregation is still alive and well in America? And Wonkette’s Sara Benincasa weighs in on some of the craziest stories making headlines this week. From Kanye West’s latest music video to a new survey that says ugly chicks get more dates than pretty ones.


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