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Republican mayor marches for Medicaid

July 19, 2014 07:00

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YesWeWon't 20.07.2014 19:17

SUBJECT: Peak Oil; Invisible War on the Middle Class

Hello Mr. Hartmann:

First, thank you for addressing Peak Oil. This is such an important topic that gets scant media attention. Some pundits are peak-oil-deniers just like there are climate-change-denie rs. So, thank you.

Second, the Gaza war. My heart goes out to the Palestinians; but honestly, America has its own civil-war right now.

It's the invisible War on the Middle Class, destroying 100 Million American lives, or 30% of the population. Everyday.

S ource:
Forbes/The Inequality Boom Has Put 100 Million Americans Below the Poverty Line (R.Lenzner)


Sharon Sasser-Golgan 20.07.2014 17:03

Tom Please don't have such awfol pannels on like the two men in this video again. This was so depressing and discusting to listen to I would quit watching this show just because of a segment like this. Where did you find these creeps anyway.

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