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​Death toll rising as conflict in Gaza continues

July 22, 2014 07:00

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Alqods Amer 25.07.2014 22:53

Abbas got more settlements from negotiations.


YesWeWon't 22.07.2014 21:38

Hello Mr. Hartmann & Ms. Martin:

Tha nk you for your continued progressive broadcasting. Americans deserve an alternative view of the news.

My question is about your coverage of the Gaza War. Basically - why are you covering it? I hate to be so blunt, but as Americans, have our own crises. In fact, one-third of us live in poverty.

Next, do politicians really expect me to care about Gaza? Ukraine? Well, I've got news. I don't! I care about me! I have to put food on own my table first and foremost!


Mark Isaac 22.07.2014 20:31

On the Gaza discussion, can I just commend RT once again on a brilliant, balanced and informative discussion. Both members of the panel came up with good ideas. Well done!

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