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​U.S. says BP can drill again, but why?

March 15, 2014 07:00

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mergon 18.03.2014 20:19

look around you the worlds resources are running out ,countries are breaking free and going it alone , look at the countries that are breking up people are fighting in the streets ,social security is being cut the world over banks governments utility companies and councils are ripping people off with new higher charges food is going through the roof this year and water is the new oil !

2015 is the marker year 2020 is the target year for the total police state ,your governments are buying domestic drones ,cameras are going up every where ,

Its time to get your life skills up !


Adept Yogi 18.03.2014 00:10

If only more countries would follow Bolivia's example by nationalising all of it's industries, kicking the US corporations and NGO's out of their country completely and improve their laws to include greater Freedoms (Rights) for Lifeforms over those of the corporations. If every country had an Evo Morales the world would be a far more pleasant place to life - Few men serve their fellow man but even fewer still serve Their Planet which gives us everything we need for our journey through evolution.


Yolanda Sperry 15.03.2014 14:17

BOYCOTT Mc Donalds.....the worst company in the world....the food is POSION anyway.......another example of the overwhelming amount of corporate greed being allowed to take place today.......time to stop the madness......

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