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2013: Obama’s worst year in office?

December 21, 2013 07:00

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Patrick Sy 28.12.2013 18:43

RUMBLE ? DEM vs REP defend my party member and Insurance company lobbyist defender of AMA & BIG PHARMA not OBAMA. Im going back to PBS watch OSCAR the grouch convince pot smoking snuffalafagus to eat Cookie Monsters cookies and big birds coming out of the closet confession


Konrad3 28.12.2013 00:37

I didn't know these show were here on rt's site.


Santa 24.12.2013 04:18

The Left & The Right are on the same team People Wake the heck up already Hohoho BTW I'm not a Canadian Santa I was born In Oakland and i'm the biggest Blackest Santa you ever did see and tell you i get padded down more than most but the police only want to grab my Bi black Member & can't get enough of it Ho ho ho


Santa 24.12.2013 04:03

Barry your lier of the Year Congradulations Ho ho ho please Ar don't play the race card as I'm the blackest Santa you ever did see sister Ho ho ho


Ar Jafari 22.12.2013 14:17

I wish Hartman would not even bring up issues concerning the continued oppression of African-Americans because he makes the weakest possible case without fail.

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