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The GOP’s war on the unemployed

December 19, 2013 07:00

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Colin Hammill 22.12.2013 08:02

...Plastics should be the main use for oil and leaving science to the scientists is a mad idea as the technology is not only already here but has been for a long time. The whole concept of buying then hiding a patent needs addressed as a two year no movement on a patent ruling could release it to the public domain. HHO, hydrogen, Boon Boxes and all the other green energy would work fine but the 'petro' dollar prevents that! Politics and big business will not allow us to build the water barrages that would both defend land from rising seas and produce clean energy that would protect the future of the next generations.


Colin Hammill 22.12.2013 08:00

Respect is due to Bill Becker and anyone on his side but the whole debate is going the wrong direction. Not only do we need to face facts that we do add to climate change but also realise that we must do more to defend the land masses. We need to stop building anymore transport lanes (rail or roads) above the ground. We need to use technology that has been around for over a century to produce hydrogen (ferrosilicon/sodium hydroxide reaction) and use that to power tunnelling machines.

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