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How to strengthen (not cut) social security

March 18, 2014 07:00

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Carl 19.03.2014 02:53

Thom is Global Warming natural? I am not convinced of that. Could you do an depth show on Geothermal Engineering?


OldAndCold 18.03.2014 22:14

Thom doesn't realize the problem is with mandatory cost structures and requirements of the law that sap the value of the safety net.

Most idiots only demand more money when in fact the problem is what drives up costs in the first place. Socialized structures never reduce costs, just put more burden on others for less services. "shared services = everyones pain"

This is why the Democrat party in the US is facing a monsterous Tsunami in 2014 elections. Reality is not on their side.

Still , the USA has the best health care system in the world, as imperfect and complex as it is.


mergon 18.03.2014 20:08

your social security is all going the time is nearly here for the more servere cuts ,the gov are getting up the domestic drone stock your country is being covered in cameras and scanners to track down the runners all comms are tracked

the worlds resources are running out and corporate america ie the NSA and co are going to harness what is left it will be their NWO they nearly have everything in place , 2015 is a marker year 2020 is the target year
look around you countries all round the world are fighting in the streets ,countries are going it alone ,time to get your life skills up ,not long now !

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