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Decline of US middle class, Banamex & Fed policy

April 24, 2014 03:30

AFP Photo / Mario Tama

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However, new data shows that the US middle class has lost the honor of being the most affluent in the world, especially in lower- and middle-tier income brackets. Yet the wealthiest have outpaced many of their global peers. Erin takes a look. Blogger and former white collar caper Sam Antar talks about some recent cases in white collar crime, including Herbalife and Banamex. Round Two with Karl Denninger, talking about Fed policy, big banks, and fiat currency. In Big Deal, Edward Harrison looks at mobile home economics, with some investors getting into the trailer park business for its double wide returns.

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Comments (5)


DoAskDoTell 25.04.2014 07:03

Rothschild Bank Stores:

When a few bankers control money store (can be based on oil, gold, silver...),

they can increase or hoard as they desires without any reason than to squeeze interest and fees...

for example... interest rates, credit/loans, print or hoard cash....

for 200+ years of long wars, WWs and needless sufferings... which gave them more "mystical powers" OVER the indebted Nations/Institutions /Corp...

An d we saw what happened when mabsters funded all sides of the conflicts... Very cruel games indeed!

Dit ch their fiat money, stop using cards, re-learn self-reliance, simplify your life, united!


REMant 24.04.2014 13:11

Mr Denninger misunderstands 100% fractional reserve, which merely intends to separate deposit banking from investment banking. Banks create money when they are allowed to keep less than 100% of their depositors money, and this pyramids as banks borrow from each other. The credit thus created setting up a pyramid scheme.


REMant 24.04.2014 13:11

The reason for the decline of the middle class is that self-reliance is disappearing, dissolved by the Ponzi scheme created by the issuance of more and more fiat credit in a misguided attempts to enforce equality, and outlawing the use of other forms of money, which necessarily values equity over labor.

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