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Argentina & currency boards, gold’s future

April 25, 2014 03:30

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REMant 28.04.2014 05:36

Ed may have the boom, but Erin's got the bust


DoAskDoTell 27.04.2014 12:29

bla bla bla... more "free" lunches from the mercentary "economist" ; for a few US thieves

new currency wars again? Get real, this time, there is only 1 winner, more and more other "debt money drug addicts" are needed... urgently

He nce, the desperate selling for "always tomorrows"lol


Evo Immorales 26.04.2014 03:27

Hanke's currency boards, making a clone of the US dollar for Argentina or whatever other country, are logocentric institutions since they subordinate the victim country to US domination.

Better that Argentina produce its own internal needs and protect itself with tariffs from the USA. In that way it can use its excess food production to assist its Latin American neighbours. Argentina should reject Hanke & the currency board entirely as 'sound management' is only for foreign investors.

Mexico's economy better because of NAFTA-Maquilladoras since the dirt-poor wages there are better than the average Mexican wage.

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