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​Institutions & economy with Daron Acemoglu & Victor Shih

July 17, 2014 03:30

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madhu 18.08.2014 17:32

BRICS need a participation of cultural scholars of all BRICS COUNTRYS. [DEPARTMENT for CULTURAL UNION]
BRICS must provide network between our cultural scholars and create active cultural judicial system for the people of BRICS nations for the protection of cultural and moral value around the earth.
Putin must visit udupi Krishna matta Karnataka during Indian visit.


REMant 17.07.2014 14:50

It would help discussions of this sort a great deal if the participants displayed a clearer idea of what democracy is, or at least understood what others mean by it. Democracy applies only to govt, not to markets. There's little or no democracy within corporations, public or private, nor does rule of law necessarily entail govt, whose enforcement is not going to produce the gratitude necessary for interdependence. Nor is rivalry. Smith's butcher knew what was in his best interest.

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