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Preying on patients, career-ending FOIA request & 4 biggest threats to internet freedom

July 09, 2014 04:30

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Fred Burley 10.07.2014 10:28

Nice henna in your hair, Abby. You look like a Clairol advert.


YesWeWon't 09.07.2014 15:30

SUBJECT: FIFA is a Joke; A White Supremacy Example

Les t you have any doubt that white-supremacy is alive and well, the FIFA World Cup provides an example. After broadcasting soccer fans throwing bananas at black players for beating out their white counterparts (1), suddenly two of Brazil's top players were ineligible to play. Thiago Silva(2) for a 'foul' and Neymar(3) for an 'injury'.
After these disqualifications, Brazil was pummeled by Germany, 1-7.

(1) May 11, 2014- Banana Incident
(2) July 06, 2014 - Brazilian star Silva Disqualified
(3) July 07, 2014 - Brazilian star Neymar Injured

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