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​BTS producer raided by SWAT, dangers of oil transport & NSA target speaks out

July 11, 2014 04:30

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Chris Ashcroft 12.07.2014 03:09

Sid Fredrickson 11.07.2014 19:35

Not that many. RT has a very, very small audience.


Funny that I mentioned this show in my college class a few months back and 2 others in the class of around 25 said they watched this show as well... Where do you get your statistics from? Three out of 25 people is not at all very, very small.

Regardless of popularity, I can at least say I am happy to watch someone(Abby M.) who speaks so bluntly and see's issues in the world the same way as I do!


Bof Thegaffe 11.07.2014 15:45

It's an interesting exercise to juxtapose american and cuban ways of life. However, Abby's overly optimistic take on cuban society is somewhat historically inaccurate, and I just laughed when I heard her typical leftist rant against capitalism (at 9:39). Ugh! Leftists have such a way to twist reality to make it fit in their tired ideology.
Journalism, in principle, is about truth. Speaking of truth, why not do some basic fact checking about Mandela and Che. See for example Stefan Molyneux's vids (on Youtube): 'The truth about Nelson Mandela' and 'The truth about Che Guevara.'


Don Lutz 11.07.2014 13:36

Abby, I think I speak for many, when I say that your efforts are deeply appreciated.


Kenneth T. Tellis 11.07.2014 12:01

The U.S. A. is now a fully fledged Soviet State with all the accoutrements to handle any situation that may crop up.

Anyone can be arrested and held without bail, and sent to a secret site under the U.S. extraordinary rendition programme. So, what is new? Once you have angered these masters of deception, you are ready for detention almost immediately.


NormDP 11.07.2014 11:27

ABC's mistake is even more outrageous when you consider that these are are so-called veteran journalists who, after their decades of reporting, should be familiar enough with the truth to instantly know that what they are reporting is false. What better evidence do we need that they are just mindless immoral mouthpieces.

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