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​How to get money out of politics, Street art activism & Sage Francis breaks the stage

July 12, 2014 04:30

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Chris 15.07.2014 22:32

Thank Abby for looking to level the playing field!!! Of course the wording is the key.


DoAskDoTell 14.07.2014 16:37

Sid Fredrickson 12.07.2014 16:06

The Progressives don't want to get money out of politics. They want to get their Opposition's money out of politics.

T hey will still funnel money into their campaigns through their NGOS like they do in Russia.

Ple ase RT cancel this show. The Progressives are your enemy as well as the Tea Party's. The Progressives are a threat to Putin's Russa. Look at what they did during the Olympics.


a modern sexless *Medusa*?

too many Anglo Axis institutionalized ... think (evil) tanks...Corrupt Chefs?

Gold man $ach$ at the center?

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