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Roots of immigration, animal rights witch-hunt & the lab industrial complex

July 15, 2014 04:30

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David Nash 16.07.2014 23:16

Abby I dig your show. o7
o7 is salute if you didn't know.

On the topic of immigrant illegal migration: family is a mute reason. Let me break it down from the Americans that do not visit familia that live a mile away, for decades. beCareful how we address the fact this migration is being done on a social level, as well as a logistical level. Socially, the rest of the Planet hates Americans because of our Government. So we should be more careful who we let in.

On something of this scale and magnitude, there must be a better reason than my uncle lives in L.A.


Dusty Jaxen 16.07.2014 16:21

Noticed the RT’s ‘Roots of immigration, animal rights witch-hunt & the lab industrial complex’ cuts out for six seconds at 25 minutes 8 seconds and returns at 25’ 15.”

On Youtube which has a different broadcast profile for ‘Roots of immigration, animal rights witch-hunt & the lab industrial complex,’ the smallpox report cuts out at 17’ 2.” Was someone trying to edit a verbal error and goofed or is NSA censoring? This happens from time to time, but this time it seemed important to know what had been “clipped.”


Thomas Phuqtard 16.07.2014 02:56

great show...


Chris 15.07.2014 22:29

Thank You Abby!!!

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