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US deporting refugee kids to most dangerous city on Earth, brainwash update

July 16, 2014 04:30

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Bhagat Singh 17.07.2014 02:01

I'm a pizza shop worker and I make around 14,000 a year. I love pretty much all the illegal immigrants that I work with. What I hate is my middle-aged (typically white) managers and shop owners that refuse to work in their own shop, that they got with a loan from their parents. But because of their perceived position we have to respect them and obey them, when they couldn't even do our jobs at half speed if they tried. They are the ones stealing from everyone, illegal or not in many different ways. and if your country sucks and you and your family are threatened, then America is where they should be able to come.


Jeff Hutt 16.07.2014 16:36

Furthermore, our problem with these "illegal aliens" has no correlation with our other nations problems. The number of upstanding Americans on the dole dwarfs anything we spend on our immigration problem. Not all "Illegals" are parasites, just like not all "Americans" ; are hardworking. This is coming from a middle income, hard working, no receiving government handout, gun toting, libertarian Texan who tried of the this stupid divisiveness that the puppet masters keep laying on us. Just say no!


Eddie Allen 16.07.2014 14:27

Enough with the "Political Correctness" psychological mind games dude. Its not "Undocumented Immigrant", its called "Illegal Alien" ..When you cross a border illegally it is a crime, we have laws, oh, I forgot they only apply to law abiding citizens while the Illegal Aliens can do as they please right. They get an EBT card & a trip to Walmart while americans starve under a bridge. America has enough refuges of its own right now like homeless Veterans and jobless, homeless families. This nation is bankrupt, If we cant afford to take care of our own people, we sure cant afford to take care of them.

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