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​Tragedy over eastern Ukraine, CA to ban death penalty? and living with death in mind

July 19, 2014 04:30

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Malgorzata 22.07.2014 13:39

[quote name='NOtoGMOs' time=

Indee d, you may be right, not so long ago it seemed an ecological crisis will come first, then it seemed an economic crisis will put us back into the stone age, but no, it may indeed be WW3. This would be crazy, but quite human so it seems. There is something wrong with our so called “strong leaders”, especially from the West. There is also something wrong with most of the “ordinary people” they are somewhat slow, far too easy to manipulate.


Evo Immorales 22.07.2014 01:33

Exactly, NDP!

NormDP 19.07.2014 17:49

It is important to remind people that in 1988 the most advanced military in the world, the US, shot down a civilian jumbo jet killing all 290 passengers on board, claiming to have mistaken it for an F16. US never apologized, no one was ever held accountable, and media did its best to move to other topics.


USA & UK have no energy policy (Lerner's safe B-H nuclear fusion has private funding worth mere peanuts) except treating Russia as they did Iraq!

I.e. Invade the country, subordinate its leadership & plunder the oil & gas! WW3 recipe!


Evo Immorales 22.07.2014 01:27

Everyone needs to hear Baker's comments at the 10min. mark re Enlightenment values & their negative individualistic-soli psistic influence.

Equally, Prashad's comments re BRICS timidity on Gaza & use of dollar. Main problem here is India's neoliberalism & pro-Israel stance.

But when Israel knocks down Dome of the Rock, re-establishing Temple & commences mass sacrifice of cattle according to the Old Testament law, the far-right Hindus will be humiliated - just like Christians who prop up Zionism while forgetting that New Testament blames Jews for lobbying for the killing of their savior!


Evo Immorales 22.07.2014 01:21

Two excellent interviews - but I must back RR here!

RockyRacoon 21.07.2014 20:05

Russia has every right to go in to the Ukraine and protect her nationals Russia could go in under the pretext of r2p from a government that is killing it's own people. Also instability in that region is a direct threat to her national security; utterances coming out of Kiev have been declarations of war.


The Malaysian plane was shot down over Ukraine hence Ukraine gov't bears the major responsibility. Even if the rebels shot it down they were under Ukrainian provocation - i.e. plane came from west.


jamessimpson 21.07.2014 22:29

I think a calm and dispassionate look at all the evidence, that is if we are allowed to have it placed before us, via the media in an honest bi-partisan manner. Will help all those victims and their relatives friends etc. come to terms with this terrible tragedy. No one wanted this too happen, it was a gross error on someone's part and I do think we should know who the culprits are, so the world can censure them verbally. Because that is all we can do in reality.


jamessimpson 21.07.2014 22:18

I am not interested in Abbey's hem length, more her IQ level. I want to know as near as I can get, to the reality of what is happening in our world, why it is happening, and the ideas and opinions that drive the issues. If I get that, then I am more able to analyse and investigate the veracity of individuals motives and philosophy and their aspirations, how else am I to make up my mind?


OpsTao 21.07.2014 22:09

Thanks, Abby, for your balanced appeal to caution and sanity.


jamessimpson 21.07.2014 22:05

I think most people are aware of global warming. However, some believe that this has happened previously and we have had, mass extinctions. Through natures causation. No doubt our consumer active life has added somewhat to the effluents in our air, rivers and seas. The people most effected by the possibility of global warming by human means are the corporations. If we have to restructure our economic activity, change our means and methods of social action, driving for pleasure and leisure etc. Distribution of goods etc. Profitability will drop like a stone and these corporations will become unprofitable to run?


Don Lutz 21.07.2014 20:15

On the mass extinction issue...

Ri chard Leakey introduced us to the issue in his brilliant book, "The Sixth Extinction", eighteen years ago.

Of course, it was ignored then, just as most Americans will ignore the problem now...


NOtoGMOs 21.07.2014 18:11

Malgorzata: '... terrible plane tragedy ... the next day I felt far more sorry for the Eastern Ukrainians ... being killed, lamed, their homes destroyed, genocide. When it comes to ... Russia ... Abby M. is very American (extremely arrogant), sad to listen to such naïve western propaganda on RT, however, some subjects she is really great at.'

It isn't only the blind-eye to war crimes vs ethnic Russian & Ukrainian civilians in E Ukraine by Kiev's forces, etc; this evil madness may have the seeds of WW3 in it - if that happens, GMO’s,oil spills,corruption in DC,etc. won’t be our first concerns.


Malgorzata 21.07.2014 16:51

Yes, yes, terrible plane tragedy, millions all over the world are crying over these people. I was sad for a day, however, the next day I felt far more sorry for the Eastern Ukrainians who are being killed, lamed, their homes destroyed, genocide.

W hen it comes to her attitude towards Russia + some other countries, Abby M. is very American (extremely arrogant), sad to listen to such naïve western propaganda on RT, however, some subjects she is really great at.


Richard Parmelee 21.07.2014 04:07

Just dropping a line in regards to the MH 17 tragedy.

I hope that Miss Martin stands like a rock during this controversy and continues to fight the good fight.

Miss Martin's commentary is vital and continues to be a breath of fresh air in the cesspool of corporate media here in America.

Al l my best to "Breaking the Set". Good production, cutting edge camera angles and vital info.

Glad the hem line is now credible.

You all are welcome here in Cleveland anytime.


zbigniew rycerz 21.07.2014 02:51

Abby M become more and more confused. Her remarks on the recent air tragedy in eastern Ukraine, some suggestions that
those helping rebels in Ukraine and in Syria are in fact similar ...
An interview about global warming with psycho-analyst-thera pist
(why not with dentist?).
This happen with her before. But I think it is time for AM to be
removed from RT. She is not qualified for this job.


HearSpeak 20.07.2014 18:34

What is going on with Abby Martin? Has she received blackmailing threats or pills in the post from DC?
I usually enjoy her programme but the last time she blabbed a load of tosh about Crimea I had to switch off from watching Breaking the Set for a few weeks. Now she's at it again, ..misinforming & blabbing without professional research. Perhaps Abby should do a report about her patchy journalism on the next Breaking the Set slot. Afterall, she does boast about "keeping it real"!


ABDELKADER 20.07.2014 09:09

Indiscriminate bombardments killing thousands of Russians and Ukraine civilians in Ukraine by U.S. paid militants of the Ukraine junta are perfectly acceptable, and not worth even a mention on state controlled western media. But not Israel rightful retaliation against Hamas supporting population who are attacking Israel civilians with continuous barrage after barrage of rockets using women and children to moral and emotional blackmail Western people of innocent goodwill (reserved only for Islamist Jihadist) but totally indifferent to wholesale murder of children by American and NATO backed storm troopers in Ukraine.


Tartaruga 20.07.2014 07:15

Remember the Italian DC-9 shot down by NATO jets in 1980, Itavia Flight 870.


qualla3stfiqui 19.07.2014 19:20

War on a global scale is no longer fought in trenches, but waged in laboratories, airports, city centers, hospitals, senior homes and schools.It is not called total war, it is simply known as global policy.


qualla3stfiqui 19.07.2014 19:19

As a footnote, it should be noted that Professor Kawaoka is a graduate of Kobe University, and that port city is the traditional center for veterans of Unit 731, which unleashed plague and hanta virus against entire cities in World War II. The WHO is the successor to Unit 731, and so WWZ is upon us.< /span>

Y oichi Shimatsu is a science writer, who organized public health seminars during the SARS and avian influenza outbreaks in Hong Kong and Bangkok.


qualla3stfiqui 19.07.2014 19:03

A reason for concern, early in this investigation, is the fact that The Netherlands, the origin of of Flight 17, is the center for the engineering of weaponized viruses under Ron Fouchier, the closest research associate of the notorious Japanese influenza expert Yoshihiro Kawaoka. The flu-research center at Eramus Medical University in Rotterdam is the sister-laboratory of Kawaoka’s Institute of Infectious Virus Research at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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