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​Iraq’s Hell on Earth, IDF soldiers against occupation & World protests against Israel

July 22, 2014 04:30

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Baerlas 23.07.2014 10:30

Eddie Allen 22.07.2014 19:35

Israel is a war criminal and needs to be turned into a parking lot.


Th is is exactly the kind of view which scares Israelis to do what they are doing now. Do you think that is helpful???


Evo Immorales 23.07.2014 01:43

The superficial reason Eastern Ukraine is being attacked is because the people there, mainly Russian speakers as in Crimea...

Baerlas 22.07.2014 19:13

I could never see a reason why Eastern Ukraine should have been attacked militarily when a solution could easily have come from talks which Kiev refused.


...are discriminated against by the Kiev putsch regime so wish to secede.

The real reason behind it is West's hunger for Russian oil & gas. Gaza consists of trapped dispossessed people - the fate of Russians too if global capitalism seizes Russia's oil & gas as it did Iraq's.


Eddie Allen 22.07.2014 19:35

Every time some Israeli opens their mouth "Stupid" comes out. Israel is a war criminal and needs to be turned into a parking lot. We need to air drop some multi-Billion dollar heavy military arms into Gaza like Israel is using to make it a fair fight. How the they can compare home made bottle rockets fired from an open air prison to what they have done is unforgivable especially when most of those rockets are being fired by the Israeli Mossad for their usual false flags which they are famous for. Ever notice 99% of those "Rockets" always land in the desert miles from nowhere?


Baerlas 22.07.2014 19:13

Another thing... I don't think one can compare Gaza to Eastern Ukraine nor can one compare either to Chechniya or the three to Yugoslavia etc. Each case has a very special and different history and needs to be viewed separately.
What they might have in common is that if a solution is sought militarily things get very ugly. Where and when this could be avoided I could not say even though that I could never see a reason why Eastern Ukraine should have been attacked militarily when a solution could easily have come from talks which Kiev refused. That is the easiest case of these. All the others are much more difficult.


Baerlas 22.07.2014 19:01

What if.... what if.... when Israel left Gaza Hamas would have said to end all hostilities, no weapons, no attacks... instead official recognition of Israel in exchange for economic cooperation. Etc. Would there have been a chance for things to improve?
Why was it better to stockpile rockets and provoke attacks like this one?
I don't understand this.


YesWeWon't 22.07.2014 18:41

Evo & Malgorzata:
Whil e I like RT overall, I agree station focuses too much on war. I've nicknamed it: "RT: The War Channel."

There dozens of other humanitarian crisis to focus on, yet RT wastes its programming time on either Gaza, Israel, Ukraine, Somolia, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, or Syria.

RT's message is this: If your country doesn't have oil, we don't care about your humanitarian crisises.


Malgorzata 22.07.2014 17:54

Evo, I am beginning to think the same. Abby will not realize this till the very end (if ever). She talks about the Palestinians and completely ignores the Eastern Ukrainians, many without water, food + homes. It is getting somewhat irritating + funny, she’s 100% American, only the other side round. She has been poisoned by American anti-Russian venom, the Russian speakers of Eastern Ukraine are not human enough for her and she wants to show her US viewers her independence from Russia. But I do like her show, it is western activism at its best, something that I was a part of not so long ago.


Evo Immorales 22.07.2014 07:36

You don't seem to realize, Abby & Manuel, that mass global starvation & war are coming anyway due to the inability to solve the energy crisis.

Isr ael's attacks on Gaza merely mirror what the West has in store for Russia. The new US attitude will soon be 'the Ruskies have cornered the world's oil & gas for themselves - we have to liberate the oil & gas from them for a 'fair' price' for the well-being of the FREE WORLD.

The USA's & UK's unacknowledged energy policy is to attack Russia to seize its energy resources - instead of inventing new energy sources, but to do the latter would mean discarding Einstein's BS!


Evo Immorales 22.07.2014 07:29

Well you can understand the Israelis' conundrum. If they expel the Palestinians en masse, Palestinians will continue to breed & rise up. This is why even Hitler made more sense with the final solution. (Wealthy German Jews e.g. Rathenau had ended by administering the Versailles Treaty for the Allies, encouraged by foreign Jews, hence German paranoia).

Dead men neither breed nor fight back, hence Hitler's method has impeccable logic! This logic will soon seize Zionist leaders too, especially as energy shortages & nuclear war mean mass starvation even in wealthy Western countries, despite Palestinian innocence.

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