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Glitter terrorism, gender indoctrination, big pharma’s Christmas miracle

December 19, 2013 04:30

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Geronimo 20.12.2013 03:31


Long time watcher first time commenter. In my opinion you are doing a fine job. Not just current events, but current events through the eyes of an interesting young lady. Presentation is everything, and something tells me you are pretty popular with certain demographics. I would have to say that a good way to describe you is "statuesque&quo t;. But at the end of the day the issues you address are real and your questions are very thoughtful. Keep it up!


Luther Beckett 19.12.2013 07:29

Classic George. Hate to say it, but Sputnik isn't so good. George seems more comfortable as a guest than a host. Thanks for a snappy and informative conversation.

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