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Demanding NSA reform, human extinction by 2030, and Roseanne Barr takes on trolls

December 20, 2013 04:30

Allison Shelley / Getty Images / AFP

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On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin remarks on the Obama administration’s announcement that the NSA should be reformed, but saves the celebration for when Obama actually carries out the reform behind the rhetoric. Abby then calls out The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart for his soft ball interview with former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince, showing how the exchange between the two men only serves to whitewash the company’s history of war crimes and legal impunity. Abby then speaks with Guy McPherson, Professor Emeritus at University of Arizona and author of the book ‘Going Dark’, about his prophetic warning of an impending human extinction by the year 2030 because of cataclysmic climate change. BTS wraps up the show with an exclusive interview with television legend Roseanne Barr, discussing everything from Saudi Arabia’s connection to 9/11, to her VIVID porn pitch, to her next US presidential run.

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Comments (7)


Cathy McCormack 27.02.2014 03:47

Oh Abby Rosanne and Guy are Brill! You are too! Just wish everyone in Britain could tune in to your great work!


Julie Van Zandt-Coules 27.12.2013 11:24

Maybe the Bible thump-er should read the Egyptian "Book of The Dead" from which the Bible was blatantly plagiarized. By the way have you ever wondered where the book of Jesus is in the Bible? Roseanne is doing just fine, and if that's all you got out of this informative show, you should go back to watching CNN or Fox or MSNBC.


Myeyezopened 25.12.2013 15:04

Roseanne needs to read her bible more carefully. It was the Apostle James that said,:faith without works is dead"; not Jesus.

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