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Demanding NSA reform, human extinction by 2030, and Roseanne Barr takes on trolls

December 20, 2013 04:30

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Cathy McCormack 27.02.2014 03:47

Oh Abby Rosanne and Guy are Brill! You are too! Just wish everyone in Britain could tune in to your great work!


Julie Van Zandt-Coules 27.12.2013 11:24

Maybe the Bible thump-er should read the Egyptian "Book of The Dead" from which the Bible was blatantly plagiarized. By the way have you ever wondered where the book of Jesus is in the Bible? Roseanne is doing just fine, and if that's all you got out of this informative show, you should go back to watching CNN or Fox or MSNBC.


Myeyezopened 25.12.2013 15:04

Roseanne needs to read her bible more carefully. It was the Apostle James that said,:faith without works is dead"; not Jesus.


Ed Brad 21.12.2013 04:47

Excellent show Abby! Thanks for bringing us Roseanne and Guy in the same segment. Keep on keeping on!


Blake Martin 21.12.2013 03:26

Abby rocks. I love Jon Stewart, but this week she called him out when he passed on journalism when questioning the head of Blackwater. Sometimes she spoon feeds questions (probably her passion getting the best of her), but for the most part the journalism on 'Breaking the Set' provides the news that you will not here anywhere else... that is backed up with facts rather than opinion.


Dave Rades 20.12.2013 16:39

I am a political activist by Chicago. They are pestering me with helicopters , following me with cop cars and fire trucks . I have about 100 documented videos of helicopters , here is one that you can look at , GOOGLE ..Thom Hartmann Oakbrook Il helicopter YOUTUBE ... and understand how many times this has happened to me that I carry a video recorder and actually " got it " while driving simultaneously . The technique they used is to distract while driving to cause accident , this is how they killed Noveske GOOGLE NOVESKE FBI HIT .


Reginald Garcia 20.12.2013 16:25

To Abby, as a free lance photograhper I want you to know that this "impending human extinction by the year 2030" is not going to happen here's how, I have found a way to change the worlds energy we use that has no pollution. Sounds to go to true wrong, look up "Forgotten Micheal Jackson Photos" by Reginald Garcia CNN 2011, I raised the money myself and finished testing yesterday the motor that self runs. Now lets show one of my motors on your show and make history together. I love what you do Thanks Reginald Garcia owner Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (and that it will be)

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