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Obama revises history, shining a light on corporate fraud, Monsanto spying on activists

July 30, 2013 04:30

US President Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Saul Loeb)

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On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin goes over the first day of the DC whistleblower summit and comments on the news that President Obama’s website was scrubbed from the internet, including his pledge to protect whistleblowers. Abby then talks to former Northrop Grumman whistleblower James Holzrichter about his experience in blowing the whistle against fraud within the defense industry, as well as the climate for whistleblowers today. Abby then goes over the case of Katie Barnett, an Ohio resident who had her home mistaken for one that was foreclosed on. Bank thugs who robbed and ransacked Barnett’s home are refusing to pay for the damages. Sadly, her case is far from uncommon.  BTS wraps up the show with an interview with Alexis Bayden Mayer about a recent revelation from a German newspaper that Monsanto is working in concert with the US government to spy on anti-GMO activists and researchers. They talk about GMO myths, labeling laws, and the recent Monsanto buy-out of Beeologics.

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Comments (8)


Bruce Fisher 31.07.2013 01:19

Very nice show. Would be nice to hone in on the big pushers of this GMO and national security state...Rome's Jesuit population. Their bankers,the Rothschilds,bought up all the media in the 1880s and then no substantial articles on the Jesuits occurred. But before that...

Anonymous user 30.07.2013 14:37

Can`t stop Outrage and the BBC are outing the Pope as a let joy be unconfined!

Anonymous user 30.07.2013 14:35

Over here Ralph Miliband turned into Mr Bean in the next generation. Now they work for Soros/CIA.

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