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Occupy anniversary special: Highlights, pitfalls & shifting of public consciousness

September 18, 2013 04:30

A Washington, DC Metropolitan police officer (L) and a Naval District Washington policemen (R) stand guard at the main gate of the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, September 17, 2013 (Reuters / Jason Reed)

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Abby Martin remarks on the tragic mass shooting that took place in Washington, DC, posing the question of how many more it will take to finally have a debate fueled by reality, not politics. Then second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, highlighting a recent Reuters poll showing that only 15 percent of Americans are satisfied with the government's effort to prosecute Wall Street bankers. Former Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewis speaks about why he chose to protest in-uniform at Occupy. Then a look at the successes and shortcomings of the Occupy movement, featuring a panel discussion between RT’s Anastasia Churkina, Ramon Galindo and Manuel Rapalo. Finally, a personal tribute to Occupy and how the movement isn’t dead, because shifting the public consciousness is not something that ever goes away.

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Comments (2)


Lbertyunbound 24.09.2013 03:44

Guns Don't kill people people kill people Abby


The Oracle 18.09.2013 07:15

There is no 2nd Amendment problem. There is a police state problem. Before 9/11, police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, asked me to join their ranks. It would have involved making false reports against police targets, the self-employed, and the outspoken. It would have involved breaking into houses with police as lookouts. It would involve beating people up. Interfering with the revenue collection system can have dire consequences. I refused to break laws for police. So, they told me I would lose my family, my contracting busines, my home, my rental properties, and that I would suffer death, beating, and/or prison

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