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Breaking the Set

One of the hostages runs towards police from a cafe in the central business district of Sydney on December 15, 2014. (AFP Photo/Saeed Khan)
​#IllRideWithYou, roots of gun massacres & climate change’s dual reality

Abby Martin, discusses the hostage crisis in Sydney, Australia, and how a Twitter campaign fought the Islamophobia that emerged from it. The second...

December 20, 2014 04:30
Fracking protesters sign a poster as they gather outside New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's office in New York December 17, 2014.(Reuters / Andrew Kelly)
Sony hacks N. Korea fear-mongering, NY bans fracking, Cuba 'reset’

Abby Martin remarks on a series of reports by the New York Times and NBC NY highlighting a wealthy Ecuadorian family getting political favors for...

December 19, 2014 07:29
AFP Photo / Kimimasa Mayama
Ending Cold War grudge, Fukushima forever & happy birthday Chelsea Manning

Abby Martin wishes happy birthday to Chelsea Manning and highlights all the people who sent her birthday cards, including NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden....

December 18, 2014 04:30
AFP Photo / Mandatory Credit: Pool Photo by Warren Zinn / Army Times
Blocking DC weed, Pakistani terror, Seaworld’s plunging profits

Abby Martin discusses the provision added to the government spending bill that paves the way for another bank bailout and how the politician responsible...

December 17, 2014 04:30
​Life on Mars, police fixes with Lionel & Michigan & legalized bigotry

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin, discusses a new bill just passed by the Michigan House of Representatives that would allow doctors...

December 13, 2014 04:30
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images/AFP
Executing the mentally ill, cop fraternities & aid to Gaza: terrorism or charity?

Abby Martin discusses the execution of a man with an IQ of 70 in the state of Georgia and why his trial was absurdly flawed from the beginning. The...

December 12, 2014 04:30
Residents line up for water at a water filling station at West Virginia State University, in Institute, West Virginia, January 10, 2014. President Barack Obama issued an emergency declaration for the state of West Virginia on Friday, ordering federal aid in the aftermath of a chemical spill that has left up to 300,000 people without tap water, closed schools and businesses. (Reuters/Lisa Hechesky)
Justice for West Virginia, magical plastic & original torture whistleblower

Guest host Tyrel Ventura discusses the arrest of the former president of Freedom Industries, Gary Southern, for his role in lying about a chemical spill in...

December 11, 2014 04:30
Reuters / Ricardo Rojas
Drugging the elderly, justice for Tamir Rice & Ebola still exists

Abby Martin, discusses an investigation by NPR that found more than 300,000 elderly people are being prescribed antipsychotic drugs for dementia symptoms,...

December 10, 2014 04:30
Reuters / Gary Cameron
NDAA gives away sacred land, Supreme Court’s inner circle, reality of college rape

Abby Martin, discusses the release of six Guantanamo inmates to Uruguay and why their release was delayed for so long. Congress’ decision to sneak in a...

December 09, 2014 04:30