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Breaking the Set

Reuters/Jorge Duenes
US deporting refugee kids to most dangerous city on Earth, brainwash update

Manuel Rápalo remarks on the current humanitarian crisis on the US-Mexico border, highlighting recent news that many child immigrants were flown back to...

July 16, 2014 04:30
AFP Photo / Johannes Eisele
Roots of immigration, animal rights witch-hunt & the lab industrial complex

Abby Martin Breaks the Set on animal terrorism witch hunts, Israel’s civilian targets, roots of immigration, the laboratory industrial complex and...

July 15, 2014 04:30
A Palestinian policeman gestures as people search for victims under the rubble of a house which police said was destroyed in an Israeli air strike in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip July 11, 2014. (Reuters)
​How to get money out of politics, Street art activism & Sage Francis breaks the stage

In this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks about the Senate Judiciary Committee supporting an amendment that would overturn the infamous...

July 12, 2014 04:30
AFP Photo / Kevork Djansezian
​BTS producer raided by SWAT, dangers of oil transport & NSA target speaks out

Abby Martin on the high prevalence of SWAT raids across the US, and how only one day after reporting on the issue, one Breaking the Set producer’s home...

July 11, 2014 04:30
Smoke billows from buildings following an Israeli air strike in Gaza City on July 10, 2014 (AFP Photo / Mahmud Hams)
​Pro-Israel bias, spying on the innocent & Gitmo’s life sentence without trial

Abby Martin on the latest violence in Palestine, including Israeli airstrikes on civilian targets in Gaza. Yet another revelation on NSA spying with Dr....

July 10, 2014 04:30
Reuters/Kacper Pempel
Preying on patients, career-ending FOIA request & 4 biggest threats to internet freedom

Abby Martin on the datamining of credit card information by the Carolinas HealthCare System. The case of Jeffrey Scudder, a former CIA officer whose home...

July 09, 2014 04:30
National Security Agency(NSA) at Fort Meade, Maryland.(AFP Photo / HO)
Congressional insider trading & 90% of NSA collection on innocent Americans

Abby Martin on the recent Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case, making birth control coverage a hot potato. Congress’ announcement that members will not...

July 08, 2014 04:30
AFP Photo / Jonathan Nackstrand
Militarizing Facebook, mad cow’s resurgence & tribal blues with Young Old Man

Abby Martin remarks on the growing outrage over Facebook’s psychological study on nearly 700,000 users, partly funded by the US Department of Defense....

July 03, 2014 04:30
AFP Photo / Manjunath Kiran
​Pitchforks for plutocrats & how Facebook emotionally manipulates you

Abby Martin on news that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court approved NSA spying on 193 countries. A secret Facebook experiment that studied...

July 02, 2014 04:30

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