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Police Brutality Epidemic, Media Snowden-centric, Anarchism in America

July 16, 2013 04:30

Supporters of Treyvon Martin and George Zimmerman demonstrate in front of the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center as they wait for the verdict to be announced in the George Zimmerman murder trial on July 13, 2013 in Sanford, Florida.(AFP Photo / Scott Olson)

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On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin reflects on the final verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, adding that white people who kill black people in ‘Stand Your Ground’ states like Florida are 354 percent more likely to get away with murder, according to FBI statistics. Abby then talks to Douglas Kauffman, organizer with the ANSWER Coalition, about the rise in police brutality in California citing the cases of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo. They discuss an upcoming march in LA being organized with victims’ families against police abusing authority. Abby then calls out MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry for choosing to focus on Edward Snowden’s international escapades rather than focusing on the more relevant issue of NSA spying. BTS wraps up the show with an interview with Scott Crow, founder of the Common Ground Anarchist Collective, on the misconceptions behind and criticisms of Anarchism, and how the philosophy can be applied to modern society.

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Comments (11)

Anonymous user 28.07.2013 21:16

The corporations that are creating our environment without our consent are flooding life with hate.

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 20:37

Black males 6% of population commit over 50% of crime, of course more blacks than whites get shot!

Anonymous user 23.07.2013 15:39

We all want to hear your calls too Abby... sorry, but after Clinton you women worked that out right?

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