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War machine churns despite shutdown, participator economics: Alternative to capitalism?

October 09, 2013 04:30

AFP Photo / Adek Berry

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Abby Martin calls out the absurdity of de-furloughing thousands of military defense contractors because of ‘national security’, all the while leaving thousands of food and safety inspectors out of work due to the government shutdown. Co-founder of the participatory economics theory, Michael Albert, talks about how this philosophy would work for all, and why it’s different from other alternatives to capitalism. A look back on the tragic incident in 1985, when police firebombed a Philadelphia neighborhood in an attempt to punish members of the MOVE revolutionary political group. To this day, no one has been held accountable for the deaths of 11 people, including five children who were burned alive. Finally, we highlight a few of the most disturbing crowd control gadgets used by militarized police on protestors across the country.

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Comments (7)


Pariah 15.10.2013 05:19


I think he was merely attempting to reconcile the perceptual gulf between 'professions' and 'trades' with respect to their 'value' to society - financial or otherwise.

"..only the best and brightest are allowed to go to uni, and then the society benefits from it too."

You're clearly not a student of neuroscience because if you were, you'd realise that 'brightest' is entirely subjective according to cerebral application.

Having said that, whilst I support the equitable division of labour, the concept of 'balanced job complexes' seems to me to be inherantly inefficient and ultimately self-defeating.


buenos 10.10.2013 16:08

I think the guy talked about PARECON does not understand a few things:
1. He said people should be compensated based on their effort, but he did not consider education as "effort". In the US it might not be much effort, but for example in Hungary only the best and brightest are allowed to go to uni, and then the society benefits from it too.
2. He thinks that the big inequality is caused by doctors and engineers. I find it offensive as I am an engineer. Please someone tell him about investors, CEOs and managers.
3.soun ds similar to communism that we had in Hungary, where the party members were more equal and got more


B 10.10.2013 13:21

@Candide: PARECON would not be perfect, but neither is capitalism. Capitalism has some major problems (e.g. perpetual war, environmental destruction, overpopulation, crime) that seem to be getting worse.

Some thing like PARECON would be much better for the bottom 80% than capitalism. The only reason why those of us lucky enough to be in the top 20% tolerate this injustice is because we have convinced ourselves that the remaining 80% of the people do not deserve any better because they are too stupid, lazy, speak a different language, have different skin color, or worship a different god.

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