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Gaza under siege

July 16, 2014 11:30

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carl bergquist 24.07.2014 20:50

[quote name='Marc Edwards' time='24.07.2014 15:48']I

Only the racist state of israel has the "right" to defend itself, all other countries do not! What BS. It is the new Warsaw Ghetto throwing rockets on the new Nazis!


Marc Edwards 24.07.2014 15:48

I have admired the way Peter covered the situation in Ukraine and reported on the way western media have been very one sided. I am however very disappointed to see such an intelligent guy have double standards in poorly covering Israels legitimate right to defend itself from the firing of rockets into Israel (which Peter called 'fireworks'). I have not seen fireworks send people into bomb shelters or intended to kill civilians.


chris 23.07.2014 20:54

Nazmin Aziz, with respect to you....Fine! But how about "Balance", balance this prejudicial perspective.....the MILLIONS given to the PLO and palestinian authorities that have been siphoned away into foreign banks! The hundreds of thousands that have been given by the EU. The poor people of Gaza were denied opportunities to grow and flourish by selfish, corrupt, hate-filled minorities bent on fueling an agonizing conflict so as to justify their own rage at an Israel they hated before there was even an occupation,or have you all forgotten how Egypt treated Gaza up until 1967, and how Jordan handled the west bank?


Nazmin Aziz 23.07.2014 07:36

They are the main reason 4 this terror!

Bri tish Gas signed a deal recently to extract upto "1 Trillion" cubic feet of gas which has been discovered of the coast of Gaza.
They are currently negotiating a deal to purchase 20% from the Israelis. They will pay £20 billion to the Israelis for gas that belongs to the palestinians!

Which belongs 2 people of Gaza.
Israel knows this!
British Gas knows this!
UK in complete silence in the face of such barbarism, disregard for the value of palestinian life reveals that they too value business interests far more than they do muslim human life!


Parvin 21.07.2014 01:03

Another pro Israel lunatic from New York.


Schnabel Brei 18.07.2014 14:54

Part - 2
Well - seems that Jewish history is repeating once again its own outrageous poor nomadic culture today. Even the own Jewish people in Israel has been kept in mental and moral captivity as well - since 1948 - by these rancid Zionists traitors, reactionary die-hard Netanyahu and his barbaric gang of looters, thugs and bloodthirsty dreg hood. This enslaved and humiliated people of Palestine has all the God given right to struggle for its liberty by all means without no muss, no fuss - Sine qua non,Sic!


Schnabel Brei 18.07.2014 14:53

To make it very clear by reflecting profoundly on the Zionist-pro-fascist occupation in Palestine: Israel doesn’t want peace neither today nor in centuries to come! Yet her nebulous leader and overestimated godfather - Moses, based his Masonic power and hypocritical inspiration on his submissive and brainwashed bootjacks - the Levities by slaughtering his own elected people just for maintaining his self-centered ambition of an outdated dictator.


Victor Tommy Tommy 18.07.2014 12:42

Peter, can you have a debate on the effects the ideology of zionism has on the Israelis


Sally Allen 18.07.2014 12:08

it is very simple. Hamas are the attackers. Why not shake hands and work for a peaceful relationship. Where ever there is Islam, there are problems.


Carl 18.07.2014 11:37

This can;t be the true Israel the Israel G*D will create.

The World and Zionist leaders are not enlightened enough to create Israel. They are soiling themselves.


Carl 18.07.2014 11:35

The Isreali have the politicians and media outlets in their hip pocket.

Oba ma and Merkel look so weak and tainted facilitating Israel's onslaught. There recent comments make them seem so small and insignificant.

Is it possible that is fear that makes them acquiesce to Israel? Are they afraid that they would get shot or their family members are in danger? Are they threatened or bribed financially? Are there threats of nuclear catastrophe if Israel doesn't get it's way?

How far does Israeli "lobbying" go?
Why not just blow up Jerusalem? Dictate how each party should behave if not go King Solomon on them.

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