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​2014 crystal ball

January 01, 2014 11:30

AFP Photo / Safin Hamed

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Can we see some form of resolution to the Syrian conflict? Will there be a deal with Iran? Will Obama find his political feet? And will the world find consensus on "global warming" in 2014?

CrossTalking with Kayla Williams, Medea Benjamin and Kelley Vlahos.

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Ally Hauptmann-Gurski 04.01.2014 05:00

My crystal ball says: We will see a deal with Iran because getting Iran out of the way is better for a war against China.

We will not see peace in Syria, Iraq, Libanon etc. because: For there to be peace, there must be the WILL to have peace. There is no will to live peacefully side by side. Sadly, we can only try to keep as much distance as possible.


hope 02.01.2014 20:35

Wow! These women are great. The best and brightest .
You, too, Peter. All the best to all in the New Year!


DianaMatejcikova 02.01.2014 11:25

I wish to all that human race deserves the denotation 'human'; that each of us does what they would like the others do to them and not vice versa; that people start dealing with the real issues instead of paying too much attention to political gimmicry. Thanks for 2013 and looking forward to the next great year with CrossTalk.

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