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​2014 crystal ball

January 01, 2014 11:30

AFP Photo / Safin Hamed

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Can we see some form of resolution to the Syrian conflict? Will there be a deal with Iran? Will Obama find his political feet? And will the world find consensus on "global warming" in 2014?

CrossTalking with Kayla Williams, Medea Benjamin and Kelley Vlahos.

Comments (3)


hope 02.01.2014 20:35

Wow! These women are great. The best and brightest .
You, too, Peter. All the best to all in the New Year!


Peter Knopfler 01.01.2014 14:37

Happy safe healthy 2014, I do appreciate your Show PETER, and how you handle yourself. As for new year 2014, well expect more of the same. Maybe Scotland will surprise me, get off Her knees and leave the Queen and the nukes behind. Iran will out smart the west, PUTIN will get rough, Olympics will be safe, and all gay people went home to be happy. SAUDI problem like a boil ready to pop. Bahrain, YEMEN, EGYPT, Tunisia, Libya, Iraq,Afghanistan, SUDAN,Mali, Thailand, Greece, Honduras, all will catch on FIRE, continue the BURN. At this rate, world on fire, 2017. Thanks Peter, You have a new show coming, looking GOOD:


Tim Caffery 01.01.2014 09:51

Happy New Year! My wish: The global Jewish community denounce & renounce nuclear weapons. Most of that stuff y'all scattered about would be significantly impacted by such a development. But, they can't even let women have seats on buses, so... As for "diplomacy" ;, Peter, you tapped into the crux. You & company, compute all matters in a very small bubble, as the Western Psyche dictates. However, true "diplomacy" ; entails First Peoples Treaties, understand? All things you critique, are built on that single foundation. There is no Empire with them. That's why you & company can't discuss them. Sorry to say. Great show!

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