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Bubble building

February 25, 2013 10:25
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The US, UK, Japan and eurozone are desperate to grab a slice of someone else's growth if they can't generate any of their own. How badly will this go down with the developing world? And are we seeing a money printing competition? Is printing money a good idea at all? CrossTalking with Ed Butowsky, Uri Dadush and Martin Hennecke.

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Edward Dodson 17.03.2013 15:35

The correponding bubble-preventing reform is to dramatically change the way government raises its revenue by eliminating taxation of earned income flows, physical assets and commerce, relying on the rents associated with land (in its broadest definition to include locations in our cities and towns, natural resource laden lands, the broadcast spectrum, time slots for takeoffs and landings at airports, and the secondary market value of competition limiting licenses). Do these two things and we go a very long way to solving our boom-to-bust economic experiences.


Edward Dodson 17.03.2013 15:34

Banking history provides the solution: creation of deposit banks that take in reserves of precious metals (and, possibily other commodities under insured contracts for the delivery of such commodities). The early Bank of Amsterdam served the global economy quite well until the Tulip Bubble speculations revealed the bank's deviation from its role as a full deposit bank issuing certificates of deposit. (continued...)


Jeffrey Elmore 05.03.2013 21:52

grand bargain!

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