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Chicken Kiev?

April 21, 2014 07:30

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Sargent Koranflusher 23.04.2014 10:49

If I saw this coming, and I am assuming the RT guests did too, then surely those that engineered this coup knew this was the likely outcome.

Putin really had no option but to make a move on Crimea and the USA if in the same position would have done the same thing. Putin was not going just sit back andsqueezed out of the Black Sea, particularly with such a large loyal Russian population in Crimea and E Ukraine. The coup was almosy a godsend to Putin.

So, the question really is; then what are the Globalists really up to? They can't be that stupid!
BTW...Go od work Mark Hackard! I'll look for your blog.


Sargent Koranflusher 23.04.2014 10:48

I'm no expert though I have lived in Russia, but it seems to me that the RT guests are only wrong about one thing.
Look, I don't think that the Western powers that backed the IMF coup in Ukraine were taken by surprize by Putin's move and Crimea breaking away.


Neter 23.04.2014 08:17

[quote name='Claus Mayer' time='22.04.2014 21:06']

It' s totally different in German media, where usually at least one guest has a different opinion.
[/quote ]Not really. In western media, the divergence of opinions concerning the Ukraine issue is generally only about should there be more or less sanctions against Russia - That's about the scope of those "different opinions".
I never saw expressed the idea that the whole situation was caused by the West and its geostrategic plans and projections, for example.


dimitri 23.04.2014 07:39

Would be good to know what do the peoples of Europe think about the Ukraine crisis. Do they support the they government of Kiev? If not, why does the EU in Brussels support such a government?


ron 23.04.2014 03:58

The creepy neo-cons do not care if Carey and Obama make fools of themselves--they don't care if Putin is brilliant. So far, they have what they want--a crumbling, chaotic state and the war machine continues no matter how. This not a good deal for Russia. Putin has a certain steely creed. The neo-cons have none of that and don't care. Washington politicians are tools--walking suits for them. This is a bad time for all of Europe and Russia. Just hold on.


ron 23.04.2014 03:50

Beware of those nasty neo-cons. It is true they are 100% cowards and have dark souls; but remember, they love blood, dying people, money and sex for them is POWER!


jamessimpson 23.04.2014 02:52

I am at least heartened to see that so many people, are seeing what America, really stands for, outright greed and death to those that don't wish for the great American dream. I never was a sonambulist. So don't have dreams, reality and realism, are my favourite cups of tea. But the American's don't like tea, they, uncouth lot, dump it in the sea If I were an American, after watching the absolute rubbish, they serve as news to their population, I would be ashamed to say I was an American, thank god for sense in Eire.


jamessimpson 23.04.2014 02:42

Ukraine, a dangerous situation for world stability and peace. Due to the inability of America, too evaluate it's own short, medium, long term economic and geo-political strategies.
If they have a rational policy that is? Maybe we are watching the last days of another dying Empire, that has become dysfunctional ?
The American, debt problem is at some time going to raise it's nasty head, where does that leave America, financially? They have tried different strategies to de-stabilize the world, and although the fruit it bears cannot have helped much so far? What and where do they go from here?


Claus Mayer 22.04.2014 21:06

In any CrossTalking show, all participants always agree in anything. Why is that?

It's totally different in German media, where usually at least one guest has a different opinion.


NOtoGMOs 22.04.2014 19:43

The gratuitous attack on Pu**y Riot (yet again) was not a helpful contribution to the discussion, which was otherwise a useful one. The punishment they received was unacceptably barbaric. I say that. even though I support Putin's & Russia's stand against the fascist US/EU alliance.


Sergey Popov 22.04.2014 16:34

Sergey Popov 22.04.2014 16:33

Brillant and objective article



Sergey Popov 22.04.2014 16:33

Brillant and objective article


DoAskDoTell 22.04.2014 16:21

Time to use our own powers and assets (hearts, spirit, brains, enlightenment) ... once we Adults all decided that democratic international law is the (bloodless) win-win solution for just, open, local/regional trade, peace & prosperity! Adios Lost Boys and toilet dollar stores and their corrupted interference in all democratic institutions and progressive paths!

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