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The greedy 1%

January 26, 2014 14:25

AFP Photo / Spencer Platt

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How can we expect democratic institutions to survive when there's global inequality? Is the global capitalist system rigged for the benefit of the rich? And, do the rich do enough to invest in humanity's future? CrossTalking with Keith Pilbeam, Maxim Behar and Scheherazade Rehman.

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Victor C Bolton 05.02.2014 23:33

The restructuring of the global economy is taking place.It will not be led by some hero on a white horse, but by people at the grassroots with no other options. The large profits of the corporations offer enormous arbitrage opportunities to small individuals and groups who are qualified and knowledgable enough to organize and manage such operations. The main, and very difficult obstacle is ENVY. Many who seek to uproot the old system only want to do so in order to take its place. Those who seek to save themselves will be lost while those who give themselves over completely to a new and just system will be saved.


RockyRacoon 02.02.2014 07:04

Marx was right about capitalism. It Is time for a post capitalist world. Socialism or Barbarism-remains the question for this century as well. With the internet it is even more possible to co-rdinate action on a Global Scale. Forget bourgeois NGO's telling you have to live Go Back to 1917-the Soviets provided the outline for the future socialist society and Russia in now a modern state-you were to early last time.


Capucine Altier 30.01.2014 12:04

I think that that woman was probably the best in understanding these issues. I dont agree with Peter that we should consume less. Well guess who is wasting the most obviously those who can afford the most - the richest ones. So just that ull keep someone poor wont solve the issue of ecology or consumerism. Its the redistribution of wealth and NOT SHARING the things that is causing this crisis. I do not understand why someone needs ten cars, nonstop holidays, owning 10 houses and so on. Thats wrong and that what rich people live from. Its a neo-feudalism.

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