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​Mandela's legacies

December 11, 2013 11:30

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Owen Andrews 14.12.2013 23:26

Ilana Mercer was the only SA/Mandela expert in that group & yet every time she started to speak the host would butt in! She was actually a SA citizen during Apartheid & after Mandela/ANC & had much more knowledge to add than either the rude host or the other 2 leftist shills! The Host was very rude and dismissing of Ilana and should be reprimanded for such behavior!


t.hollingsworth 12.12.2013 21:09

Wasn't that a Hammer and Cycle that one saw often draped behind Mandela on the speaker's podium. Weren't his handlers, for the most part, communist jews like Joe Slovo? Didn't these folks kill a lot of white people and "necklace" their own black dissedents? What's so "complex" about Nelson Mandela? He was a communist, pure and simple, wasn't he?


john robert roworth 12.12.2013 19:49

Our freedom means nothing, until the Palestinians are free.

Nelso n Mandella.


Tim Caffery 11.12.2013 22:21

This was an amazing concoction of goodness! Great show. So, she doesn't know she's Dutch? I'm confused? She realizes where she is & how she got there, right? She's like what the GOP calls "illegal" immigrant babies born in the US, "an anchor baby", sorta. She has to know she has black siblings? Apartheid wasn't all discriminating, niether was Jefferson. White men used, actually still do with Native Americans, the structures of racism to rape all ages of females of their Social Darwinsm targets. Tell her she's Dutch, please? Go find her family & ask them if she can stay with her father's children, & granddaddy's too.


Peter Knopfler 11.12.2013 16:29

Good show Peter. As Always. Mandela kept in jail by CIA and USA supporting the WHITE AFRICANS. Mandela 20 yrs hard labor and when too old to work, transferred to another more public prison with Secret visits from CIA and 8 yrs later USA, Mandela´s mind right, popped Mandela from Prison, to allow corporations back into S.Africa. MONEY was the motive not Human rights. Obama born into CIA= white Mother worked for CIA HONOLULU and his White grandparents worked for Defense Dept. YES,the DOD, So OBAMA born into CIA. BOTH MANDELA and OBAMA a CIA INVENTION, too fool the Public, TECHNOCRACY & Corporatism RULES the WORLD.

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