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​Empire's twilight

September 18, 2013 11:30

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Ryan 20.09.2013 01:28

The guy who says ah... ah... ah... made me want to scream.

Wes t will strike, they have too... they are only showing peace to blame Assad for not working with them desperately trying to show the US citizens what they must to convince them. Cnn already reporting Assads moving and trying to hide stuff.

US economy is going to die very soon. Petro-dollar bubble is busting at the seams, and they are desperately trying to save it. War is the only way to postpone it. They need to raise debt ceiling again and they need a war to do it. Iran is next... Installation of the last of the central banks is their only goal.


Think Peace 19.09.2013 06:24

I totally agree with guest Kapil that there will be military intervention by West in Syria. Kerry-Lavroy agreement is just a "calm before storm"!


Peter Knopfler 18.09.2013 21:14

Another good show, although Peter a pitbull for RUSSIA, why not?It is hard to get a REAL USA Warmongers like Mc CAIN or Graham on the SHOW, Maybe ALEX JONES would be a good guest, another truth hunter like PETER. More truth hunting, Peter asks the hard Questions while Larry King serves milk and cookies. Thanks PETE.


charlie 18.09.2013 11:35

Aaaaa!! at last peter lavelle is back with a great show the truth all ways comes out on peter's shows!! Well done and keep it up RT The only TV worth watching in the UK

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