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Pardon Snowden!

December 20, 2013 11:30

AFP Photo / Mandel Ngan

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Isn't it time to cut a deal with Snowden? Will Snowden get a fair trial in the US? What kind of national security reform do we need? And, what future leaks can we expect from Snowden?

CrossTalking with Mary Fan, Ray McGovern and Timothy Carr.

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Bissonnette Phil 29.12.2013 13:05

Peter this woman has to be retarded ..


Iqbal Halani 28.12.2013 17:31

Snowden obviously but history will also record Putin was da man ! Who stood up against the Beast and gave refuge to Snowden, China did not. The real question is , out of all the 28k people involved in these shenanigans, in the bowel of the Beast, at the Pentagon, dont they have any guts or courage or conscience?


Peter Knopfler 28.12.2013 15:53

Pardon Snowden,why? will he expose more NSA ,will the stench get Globally HUGE,enough for folks to get off the sofa, into the street to let the world know...They have a right to be left themselves. FOR the Love of MANKIND stop watching everyone. Does World domination include YOU,this is the USA Agenda World domination and how it effects you NOW and for yrs to come. This is the Beginning of the begging for transparency by the populations. Now USA Military boots on the ground in over 150 countries ready for uprisings against the BEAST USA. PARDON ME For wanting my rights, pardon my tax money

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