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​Ukraine on the brink

March 14, 2014 11:30

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qualla3stfiqui 18.03.2014 23:38

so evidently disreputable sprouts pure twaddle, far from him be doing any homework


qualla3stfiqui 18.03.2014 23:20

this facetious twit from washington , why can't he do some homework, not listen to fox ,i mean homework


Derek Maher 18.03.2014 22:03

The E.U. Have been dropped into a U.S. Diplomatic Black Hole by their own incompetence.
Th e U.S. holds a fairly contemptuous view as do most master and servant relationships of the E.U. Foreign Ministers and governments.
I would dearly love a list of the E.U. Fools who drew up that economic and military agreement with the Ukraine.
In the future if they open their mouths we can simply quote Ukraine to them.
The whole lot of them should be fired from their elite positions which they have proved incapable of handling.
I know which E.U. Political parties I shall not vote for in future E.U. elections.


Aleem Baksh 18.03.2014 17:39

The self appointed Kiev putsch govt is already looking like a "pooch" govt....he looks and speaks like a "madman".. .I hope he can stand upright by end of the month....LOL, seems he is falling to pieces


Erik Trete 18.03.2014 07:44

The EU/US have repeatedly demanded that Russia 'engage' the putsch gov/t in Kiev. They want a dialog, but how can you have a dialog with someone who has lost all credibility? An agreement was signed, underwritten by the EU to form a Unity Gov/t with a mandate to revise the constitution. Two days later, that agreement was in tatters.
Not even a muted threat from the EU/US to withhold support until that agreement was implemented in good faith.
Why should Russia 'engage' Kiev when there is every indication that any agreement will be abrogated at the earliest convenience?


Erik Trete 18.03.2014 07:35

If the Crimean gov/t had not asked for help in the form of 'self defense forces' bus loads of Maidan fascists would have shortly arrived in Crimea to 'secure' the parliament....and Crimea.... well they were stopped at the border.
There would be much more violent 'pacification' of the Russian speaking E. Ukraine if it were not for the fear of a Russian response. It is Russia's actions in Crimea that reinforced that restraint. Otherwise Russia's warnings would have gone the way of that feb 21st agreement....


Erik Trete 18.03.2014 07:28

@ian cameron: Although we are far away in New Zealand it does seem surprising that the US, with its large and influential Jewish population is supporting an illegitimate Government in Kiev which seems intent on starting a second holocaust. And where are the Jews from Ukraine fleeing to? Russia of course!! Makes you think doesn’t it?
T he EU/US do not see any 'problem' with the current 'authorities' in Kiev, so they are not accepting any Ukrainian refugees - well to do so would admit there is a problem - eh?

And we also know how with wide open arms the EU, particularly the UK have welcomed other Slavs!


dimitri 18.03.2014 00:03

Thank goodness for a morally strong statesman in the world, Vladimir Putin. Merkel sold out, Hollande too, Cameron well, he is a puppy anyway continuing the policies of another failed "leader" Tony Blair the criminal
May Putin continue with policies that benefit all, rather that only the few.
A fair referendum was conducted in the Ukraine and the people have spoken. Leave it at that, war mongerring, torture conducting uncivilised Americans


IROQUOIS227 17.03.2014 15:36

The Russians have been kicked around like a football for decades. the US has economically tried to break Russia's back. The US is bankrupt for the same reason that Russia is. unlimited spending on military, like Iraq, now a failed state, the war there is understood by unassailable truth to based on lies. something the US uses as it's first line of defense. the US is a rogue calamity in the world, whilst it commits EVERY crime and more, that it accuses other countries ever engaged in


IROQUOIS227 17.03.2014 15:31

the US should get out of all of this. if the US, the very posterboy of hypocracy has anything do with this is staggereringly demonstrative it's continued use of weapons and CIA operatives to foment trouble between the Russians and the Ukraine. What if the Russians put Missiles in Cuba? how would the US react? If the Ukraine signs the EU agreement, that's exactly what would happen. the US should shut the f2ck up and get out. the US and Nato have no dog in this fight. except militarily and economically. My vote if i had one goes to Mr Putin.


PR101 16.03.2014 23:03

RT should replace this show with Oksana Boyku. She has a much higher quality program. It should be the flagship.


Derek Maher 16.03.2014 20:29

I think the NATO countries have just learned a valuable lesson.
They have been pushing east for years and now know Russia has said enough and mean it.
Now we will probably see a move away from direct confrontation and a shift to Black Ops and terrorism.


Alexei Mirkin 16.03.2014 11:31

Jesus Christ, can we get someone on the Russian side who can speak properly!

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